iPhone X easily passed the tests for the strength of


Despite rumors of a monstrous shortage on the iPhone X, most of the core resources have already been able to take possession of the device. Among them is JerryRigEverything, which studies the stability of mobile devices to damage. The premium iPhone X has already shown everything it can do in terms of resistance to scratches, fire and physical impact. Recall, the smartphone offers a body of glass and stainless steel.

The resistance of the glass to scratches is at the usual level for the flagship level (6-7 out of 9), and the glass of the camera is good. Stainless steel scratches harder than aluminum, but more importantly, all “non-glazed” elements are made of it, including buttons, rim around the camera and so on. After playing with the anemoji, Zak showed quite expected results when exposed to fire, but confidently passed the bend test, not trembling even with strong physical pressure. Anyway, to handle a smartphone for 80 and 92 thousand rubles (prices in Russia for a version of 64 and 256 GB of ROM, respectively) is better prudently.


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