“iPhone” Best Sold Tech Product in 2017


According to recent research, Apple has sold no less than 223 million phones last year. Thus, the iPhone is by far the most popular phone, although Samsung is still the largest manufacturer. The South Koreans managed to sell no fewer than 320 million phones across the board.

Apple has sold a whopping 223 million for the whole of 2017. As a result, the company has made a big leap forward, compared to the 211 million units that it managed to sell in 2016. However, this is still not enough to break the record from 2015, when they managed to sell 230 million phones. This year was the launch of the iPhone 6, which was completely redesigned compared to its predecessors. For 2018 it is expected that Apple will have an even better year. Based on the customer base, next year no fewer than 350 million owners will purchase a new device, based on the usual upgrade pattern.

Apple will release new iPhone SE in 2018

The data comes from GBH Insights, a research agency. What you have based on is not entirely clear. However, it is known to report that Apple is expected in 2018 with a successor for the iPhone SE. This is a frequently heard suggestion from the users. The iPhone SE indeed has compact dimensions and is nice and handy, something you certainly can not say more recent models such as the iPhone X . Smartphones have become larger and larger across the general line, something that certainly does not appeal to everyone. According to GBH, Apple is lowering the prices of its latest phones in the middle of next year. In this way it is able to bind an even larger public, as is stated.

Samsung largest manufacturer

Although the iPhone is the most popular smartphone brand, Apple is by far not the largest manufacturer. This honor is, after all, assigned to arch-rival Samsung. The South Korean electronics company shipped 320 million phones last year. Some 33 million of these come from Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 . The former was presented last March and thus brought the edge-to-edge display to the general public. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, on the other hand, has the task of making the nasty aftertaste of the Note 7 forgotten. In terms of absolute numbers, however, Samsung knows how to win because it has such a wide product range. In addition to absolute top models, they also sell cheap budget equipment, such as the A and J series.

We do need to make a critical comment on the above. It does not seem very likely to us that Samsung has managed to sell ‘only’ 33 million S8 (Plus) and Note 8 copies. Only about 10 percent of the total sales would then come from the flagships, which is simply very little.


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