Huawei sold 40 million smartphones of the Honor X series

Huawei boasted of the achievements of one of the main lines of the sub-brand Honor. This is a series of smartphones Honor X, which now includes models Honor 4X, Honor 5X, Honor 6X and Honor 7X. The total number of smartphones sold this series reached 40 million. Contributed to the local success of the world release of Honor 7X – a full-screen smartphone based on the chipset Kirin 659. According to Huawei, international sales devices (including in Africa) are 200-250% higher than the predecessor in a similar time interval. 

In China, Honor 7X became one of the hits of the sale on Bachelor Day. Currently, the smartphone is sold in Europe (Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Ukraine and Turkey), Russia, the United States, the Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iran), India and Malaysia.

Honor X series hit 40 million

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