How to Tweak Imei on Your Spreadtrum device or Non-Mtk device 

The mobile uncle is the most typical Android app used in changing android IMEI and in this case, it has failed. So we came up with an excellent solution.

If you are ready and want to Change the IMEI of your NON_MTK device (Spreadtrum device) like IT1502 IT1402 IT1452 Maybe to that of a blackberry IMEI to be eligible to use GLO BIS or any other IMEI, then follow the steps below;

= => Go to Google PlayStore, Download and install Shortcut Master App

= => Download Shortcut Master Here

= => Launch the Shortcut Master App and tap on the screen to bring out the pull-down menu

= => From the menu, select Secret Code Explorer

= => Engineering Mode, or look for numbers and under the figures, check for anything that contains            “engineer” launch type, just select Launch1.

= => From the come up menu scroll to the left side and chooses SET-IMEI, to bring up yet another               menu where you will find and select launch to display the two default IMEI of your device.

= => If you can’t find the above You will surely see Telephony as the fist Tab, just scroll down and            look out for SET-IMEI.

= => Then select any of the two or both default IMEI depending on which one you want to change to           your personal IMEI, delete default IMEI and input your New IMEI (Blackberry or other IMEI)

= => Finally tap on Set IMEI and Click on Reboot and your phone will reboot with your tweaked                IMEI installed.

= => Boom and that’s all you have successfully your NonMTK IMEI

You should know how to root your phone, if you didn’t please do not hesitate to indicate phone make and model and we will reply you with the best working method or contact me. to get it rooted.

Hope this solve your problem,

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