How To Stop MTN From Deducting Your Airtime When Browsing


So many of us have been looking for a way to STOP MTN from deducting our airtime whenever they are browsing the internet, even when we have sufficient MB or data plan in their MTN sim card and you can bear me witness that this can be so annoying. You definitely will understand how it feels to be charged unjustly, and the most painful aspect of it all is that, when you call the MTN customers care to lodge your complain about the unjust removal or deduction of your money, they will keep telling you, “we are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you” without finding any meaningful solution to the problem let alone refund the airtime been deducted. MTN has really offended so many subscribers because of all this charges that happen unnoticed and unexpectedly.

How To Stop MTN From Deducting Your Money When Browsing

Well in this post I will shear with you how I finally stop MTN from deducting my money when browsing and after exhausting my subscription. and any other funny activity on your MTN line by simply dialing this simple code.
Thanks to the NCC for mandating every network provider to provide a means through which subscribers can opt out of any service provided. and now MTN Nigeria has complied with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to provide an opt-out code to stop MTN from deducting your money or Airtime.

MTN now came up with a policy not to touch your credit when you exhaust your data. Basically this keeps you from browsing with your credit or airtime balance after data exhaustion. Whatever May Be the case, MTN later came up with a simple dail code inorder to browse and use your money after your data is exhausted.

But anyway what we are concerned with is the code to suspend Mtn and make them not to touch your credit/airtime again. Without wasting much time, lets go straight to the point, For you to be able to stop MTN from deducting your money when browsing and also RESET, simply dial the below codes:

How To Reset And Browse With Your Money

To Reset and browse with money simply dialing *131*200#.

How To Suspend And Make Mtn Not To Touch Your Money When Browsing

Now for you to Suspend Or Stop not to browse with your money anymore just dial *131*201# and you are done.

I recommend u always suspend it after subscribing to any data plan so as to prevent mtn from eating your credit after data exhaustion or during browsing. After Suspending, MTN will never get close to your money for browsing even when you exhaust your data bundle, unless you reset it with the reset code above.

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