How To Stop All MTN From Deducting Your Airtime & Annoying SMS


Imagine you are expecting a message from loved ones or bank alert, then you hear you phone message alert ring from the bathroom an you rushed to get the message and only to discover it’s Isaiah 43:1 or 4100.

Finally it over for Isa49v and 4100. As you know the MTN Advert messages it’s sometimes annoying, when when you receive turns of unwanted advert like “Isaiah 43:1…” , “From Yello! Enjoy Unlimited hit songs, Get the best of CR7 Update,Even MTN persuading customer to play BABA IJEBU to wooing customer to learn how to plant a corn for ₦50 per week and also lot more of different promotional messages.

It is really irritating when you get that disturbing unsolicited SMS on your phone from 32043, 33070, 5010, 4100 and especially..’Isa49v’. And lots of Folks out there has been complaining on how to put a STOP to all this annoying SMS, and how to stop mtn spam messages. Thankfully, there’s now a way to stop receiving these messages and opt out of those unwanted Mobile adverts too. Which leads to unnecessary charges and deductions in your account by MTN.

The unnecessary or undue charges is most time as a result of subscribing to one or more of their MTN play and caller tunes services unknowingly. The next paragraph provide a comprehensive details on mtn play and caller tunes services you had subscribed to unnoticed and unexpectedly.


You might just Put on your device and a message like this will just pop up on your Phone.

MTN Do Not disturb

And you will want to remove the pop up notification message by pressing OK, Not knowing you have you have just got your self into MTN Trouble, you will only notice AFTER you Airtime had been deducted the 3rd/5th time. And Now Its time to take action against this unnecessary charges and deductions in your account by MTN.

Thanks to the NCC for mandating every network provider to provide a means through which subscribers can opt out of any service provided. Following a Direction to the telecommunications service providers in the country, the operators, will from July 1, 2016, activate the MTN DO NOT DISTURB facility which gives subscribers the freedom to choose what messages to receive from the various networks.
Mr. Tony Ojobo, Director of Public Affairs, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), in a statement, said this action was taken in order to protect subscribers from the nuisance of unsolicited texts, and therefore a direct regulatory response to the yearnings of the subscribers. With this Direction the operators have been mandated to dedicate a common Short Code (2442) which will enable subscribers take informed decisions.

MTN Nigeria has finally complied with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to provide an opt-out code to stop MTN from deducting your money or Airtime. Before now, you can opt out of irrelevant and promotion message by dialing *123*5*4#, but this method is now archaic. For this reason MTN is introducing a more effective option called Do Not Disturb (DND) list. The Do-Not-Disturb service allows MTN customers to opt out of receiving promotional messages from both MTN and 3rd Party services (Bulk SMS, VAS promos, etc.)

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This article will walk you through on to use the Do Not Disturb list to opt out of any MTN promotional service and also stop mtn from deducting your credit with DND list, the list allow you to manage the type/kind of promotional messages you receive from MTN and You can totally opt out from it all. So, how exactly can we stop MTN from sending these advert/promotional messages to your phones.

Are you ready? Then Lets dive-in to see how Exactly the MTN Do Not Disturb works and how to Use!

The service will feature the following:

  1. Fully Blocked mode allowing customers to Opt Out totally from receiving promotional messages via SMS and IVR.
  2. Partially Blocked mode allowing customers to filter service categories for promotional messages they wish to receive. Any category not selected is blocked.

How much does DND cost?

The service is free to all customers.

Benefits of using MTN Do Not Disturb

  1. A customer will be able to perform the following DND activities via SMS
  2. View Status
  3. Activate full blocking
  4. Activate partial blocking
  5. Opt out of DND

How to activate Do Not Disturb

If you don’t want to receive any UNWANTED messages at all. Simply text “STOP” to the short code 2442 FOR FULL DND. You will be unsubscribed immediately, and this implies that subscriber will not receive any unsolicited message from the operators at all.

But in case You want to make an exception for a particular category. i.e if you want to continue receiving promotional messages related to certain category such as Banking, Insurance, Finance and Religion. You will send SMS Code for that particular category to 2442. Example Health Send SMS 4 in text message to 2442 to activate all Health tips from MTN. The same goes with the other categories.

Send the SMS Codes in the table below to 2442. The following SMS keywords can be used to set your Do Not Disturb preference.

SMS Code   Advert Category

  • SMS 1          Banking/Insurance/Financial Products.
  • SMS 2          Real Estate.
  • SMS 3          Education.
  • SMS 4          Health.
  • SMS 5          Consumer Goods & Automobiles.
  • SMS 6          Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT.
  • SMS 7          Tourism & Leisure.
  • SMS 8          Sport.
  • SMS 9          Religion.
  • SMS 91        Christianity
  • SMS 92         Islam
  • SMS 93         Others.

How to Deactivate DND

To opt out of the service, you will need to text the word “ALLOW” to the short code 2442. To opt-out is free.

How to check status

To check status, you will need to text the key word STATUS to 2442.

Some Other relevant MTN services which might be deduct your money

How to stop CNN breaking news
sms UFCNN to 700 or sms CNNBREAK STOP to 700

How to stop CNN politics news
sms CNNPOL STOP to 700

How to stop CNN business news
sms CNNBIZ to 700

How to stop CNN entertainment gist
sms CNNENT to 700

How to stop CNN sport gist
sms CNNSPORT to 700

How to stop learning english weekly
sms ULEN to 700

How to stop BBC news
sms STOP NEWS to 4200

How to stop local news english
sms STOP1 to 33555

How to stop MTN callertunes
sms CANCEL to 4100

How to stop weather updates news
sms OUT512 to 35070

How to stop football updates
sms STOP to 4080

How to stop local news pidgin
sms ULNPIDGIN to 700

How to stop local news yoruba
sms ULNYORUBA to 700

How to stop guardian news
sms UGBN to 700

How to stop forex updates
sms UFOREX to 700

How to stop AFP news
sms UAFP to 700

How to stop chelsea FC news updates
sms UCFC to 700

How to stop chelsea FC monthly updates
sms NO CFM to 4900

How to stop chelsea FC weekly updates
sms NO CFW to 4900

How to stop love messages updates
sms CANCELLOVE to 33118

How to stop love quotes weekly
sms UWLQUOTE to 700

How to stop religious quotes
sms UWMMQUOTES to 700

How to stop daily inspiration prayer
sms OUTINS to 35070

How to stop inspiration quotes monthly
sms CANCEL QUOTES to 33115

How to stop inspiration quotes weekly
sms CANCEL QUOTES to 33118

How to stop champions league weekly updates
sms UCHAMP to 700

How to stop sports weekly news
sms USNEWS to 700


How To Stop All MTN Annoying SMS Deducting My Money

How To Opt-Out From MTN Play

  1. STEP-1: Now with the SIMCARD which you have been subscribed for MTN Play services, i mean the one mtn the deduct money from,insert it either on your phone with browsing facility or in your internet modem, make sure you have data(MB) on it. either connecting to the internet via modem to browse on your system or insert it in your browsing phone and open browser while you
  2. STEP-2: You should see something like the image above in their homepage, now you will see option in the menu,such as Home, sport, and My MTN Play in black background like the above image.Now click on ”My MTN Play
  3. STEP-3: In the submenu that will open thereafter you will see three options as you can see on the above image,click on ”My subscription’ it will display the current service which you are subscribed to.
  4. STEP-4: Just click on each services either E-learning,CNN news,sahara news,sport news whatever.
  5. STEP-5: You shall see final result that will display,how to unsubscribe just click on unsubscribe and you are done.
Below is also the previous method used

How to opt-out of annoying deduction from any MTN services you’ve subscribed to

How Can I Opt Out From All MTN subscription?
» Dial the code *123*5*4# and reply with 1 to see your active subscriptions
» Reply with the serial number of each active subscription shown and that you want to opt out from
» Reply with 1 to unsubscribe
» You can also dial *123*5*2# and then reply with 8 to see the list of your current active MTN play services and unsubscribe from them.
If you have multiple active subscriptions, then repeat the process and select any active subscriptions to unsubscribe from.
It’s easy and fast. Anytime you notice any unhealthy deduction from your account, quickly check to see that you’ve cancels all active subscription.


In South Africa, Vodacom, MTN and Cell C have put in place WASP subscription management options to allow consumers to block and unsubscribe from premium rated content billing services from their cellphones. These mobile subscription services are run by WASPs or via a third party using a WASP to deliver mobile content. For Telkom Mobile, you will need to contact their call centre to cancel any subscription.

Cell C

  1. Using the USSD string *133*1# subscribers can block all existing and future content billing.
  2. Contact the Telkom Mobile call centre to cancel a subscription. Call Telkom Mobile on 081 180 or email 


  1. MTN also offers a USSD string (*141*5#) to manage premium content subscriptions, but unlike Cell C’s it doesn’t block all future subscriptions. Instead, users select which services to unsubscribe from.
  2. If you continue to have issues with a subscription service, email MTN at

Telkom Mobile

  1. When asked about its self-service options for WASP subscriptions, Telkom Mobile said it does not offer an option for WASPs to charge for subscription services.
  2. The operator previously told MyBroadband that it already has a double opt-in system in place, but has since said that it will be making an announcement involving its recently launched Event Billing soon.


Vodacom users can unsubcribe from all WASP services by sending “STOP ALL” to 30333.

Should you be subscribed to WASP services, you should receive the response “Your Vodacom request to delete all WASP service has been logged”. According to Vodacom, you should then receive messages of the format, “You have been unsubscribed from ‘SERVICE’ with effect from ‘DATE’”.

If you are not currently subscribed to any services you should receive the somewhat confusing response, “Your Vodacom request to delete all WASP services has been unsuccessful, Please call Vodacom Customer Care on 082111”.
Vodacom said that it is working on changing this message to say that you are currently not subscribed to any WASP services.

Now you can be free from those annoying SMS from your MTN. More contributions and Experience are welcome, All at the comment box Below. Thanks again for reading this fear..


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