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How To Set Up Old Status In New WhatsApp

There as been lots of mourning and mixed reactions from users. After the announcement of WhatsApp on dismissal of the old status which is the text-based Status. However Whatsapp as finally replaced old status feature, and launched a new One that allow Users to share GIF, videos and photos with their contacts as status. The Status feature is an entre separate tab on it own which was next to the chats tab in the App.

whatsapp old status version
whatsapp old status version is back

This result to multiple complaints and feedback from users. One of the major problem complained was the posts (the shared GIF, videos and photos) disappearance after 24 hours from WhatsApp just like the Snapchat’s Stories. WhatsApp has finally brought back the former old text-based ‘Status’ feature.
The latest released Whatsapp update Now runs both old (GIF, videos and photos) and new status (the text-based) status feature. The old features is back but with just a little twist.
Earlier there was an entire separate tab dedicated for the status feature named STATUS where you could go and set the status message of your desire. Now the process is different. Below I will be walking you through on How to set Both the OLD and New Status.

How to set Old  text-based Status in WhatsApp?

  • Step 1: Inside your whatsapp app, Tap on the three-dot icon present on the top right corner inside the app
  • Step 2: Go to Settings.
  • Step 3: Tap on your profile picture or name, visible above other options such as Account, Chats, Notifications and more.
  • Step 4: You will see an option called ‘About and phone number’. Tap on the text message under the tab.
  • Step 5: Finally, tap on the pencil icon and write whatever status message of your desire.

The old status feature comes with usual defaults such as Available, Busy, Battery about to die and more. old whatsapp status is back

How to set  New GIF, videos and photos-based Status in WhatsApp?

Even with the return of the former old status, How to change status in new version of whatsapp still remain the same. The introduced photo/video status updates has not yet been removed, Still available via the separate dedicated ‘Status’ tab in the app.

Please Note: This feature is available in WhatsApp’s latest Android app version – 2.17.107.  It will be reaching iOS users later.
While the old status feature has started rolling out to general Android users, beta members have got a wider GIF library for the app. WhatsApp beta users, with update version of whasapp v2.17.110, can now use GBoard’s built-in GIF feature.

For those who has been requesting for the old whatsapp status download and whatsapp 2.17.60 download just because of the whatsapp old status feature. I hope all problem is solved Now?



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