When you turn on the computer, a screen to select operating system comes out, sometimes it may happens after you update your PC to next version of windows OS. This article will walk you through on how to remove boot options, so that it goes directly to the system without asking which one to start.

How to remove operating system selection screen in Windows 10

Solution 1: Open sysdm.cpl

Using the sysdm.cpl ” in “Run” utility which will stop the boot loader from displaying a list through Windows tool. It basically means that sysdm.cpl ” in “Run” allows you to select which version of Windows you’d like to boot directly into when you restart your computer.

Follow these steps:

  1. Press the Windows + R keys 
  2. In the Open box type sysdm.cpl and press Enter
  3. Click on the tab Advanced options
  4. In the section Start and recovery , click on Settings
  5. In Operating System, choose the one that will be the Default
  6. Uncheck these two boxes: Show list of operating systems by Show recovery options by
  7. Click on OK, and again on OK to close the System Properties box. 
  8. To finish we Reboot the computer and check if it works.

Pictorial  Illustration on how to remove boot options in Windows

  Step 1: User typed sysdm.cpl and left click on “OK (button)” in “Run”

Remove Dual Boot Menu – Step1

 Step 2: User left click on “Advanced (tab item)” in “Sys”

Remove Dual Boot Menu – Step2

 Step 3: User left click on “Settings… (button)” in “Sys”

Remove Dual Boot Menu – Step3

 Step 4: User choose the one that will be the default “OS”

Remove Dual Boot Menu – Step4

Final Words

The post is designed for those who are facing hard time with the latest windows update and want to completely remove the dual boot screen and log into win10 directly, please follow the steps above.

Hope this fix all your request on how to remove dual boot option in windows 10, how to uninstall windows 7 from dual boot with windows 10.
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