How to make quick Call from a locked iPhone Screen


In iOS 10 was a significantly simplified mechanism for dialing selected contacts. Now there is no need to do a whole series of actions before you hear the voice of the called subscriber. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a quick call on the locked iPhone screen.

locked iPhone Screen

Before iOS 10, the process of calling a favorite contact was somewhat tedious. It is necessary first to unlock the device, then open a regular dialer.

Starting from iOS 10, Apple’s mobile operating system has a long-awaited ” Favorites ” widget, on the locked screen. This widget allows you to tap on the icon of the contact you are interested in, as dialing starts. Conveniently? Undoubtedly.

Through in this widget, you can not only call the subscriber but also quickly send messages (SMS and iMessage), make audio or video calls through FaceTime.

Let’s proceed to a more detailed setup. This is especially true for new iPhone users.

Favorite contacts

  1. Open the Phone application, go to the Favorites tab. In the upper left corner, click on the plus sign to add contacts to the list.
  2. Select an action. If the contact has several numbers, then you must select the main one to which the call will be made, or a message will be sent.
  3. Please note that the widget displays a maximum of 8 contacts, regardless of whether in landscape or portrait orientation, you are viewing widgets.
  4. Also, in the ” Favorites ” tab, place the contacts in priority. To do this, in the upper right corner click the ” Edit ” button and drag the contacts to a special icon.

How to add the Favorites widget

  1. To add the ” Favorites ” widget, open the Notification Center with the snooze from the clock down, then go to the widget tab with the svaypom to the left and scroll down the list. Click the ” Edit ” button.
  2. Add the widget and place it in a convenient place. When finished, tap on the ” Done ” button.

Note: iPhone owners with the 3D Touch function can make a stronger click on the “Phone” icon to see the first few favorites.


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