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How to make enough Money every week with Showbox Android App

Showbox is a slick cash rewards app that rewards users who download their recommended apps and complete their offers.
Developed by Showbox Groupand advertised as a way to “easily earn $25+ per week,” Showbox can transform your Android into a simple way to earn extra money.


Showbox essentially features a way to earn points (earned by downloading apps and recommending friends) that can later be cashed out into dollars, through Paypal, Amazon Gift Cards, and even Netflix gift cards redemption (note: Currently Netflix gift cards are only for US users).

Showbox uses a 1400:1 ratio for points:dollars: means 1 dollar per 1400 point and allows users to be paid out weekly. A small caveat to their “easily earn $25+ per week” advertisement is that users who aim to do so will need to complete their offers every day.
Showbox even has a Weekly Contest for users to join and try to win an extra $10 if they can be one of the top 5 Showbox Performers by earning the most amount of points each week.

Additionally, to their credit, Showbox states that they have zero tolerance toward users who abuse their system by using virtual private networks or proxies to download and complete their Showbox offers.
Their offers range from being rewarded minuscule single digit points for watching a video to 720+ points for just downloading, installing, and using an app.
Overall, Showbox provides an easy way to earn small amounts of money that could potentially be accumulated and used for buying gas, food, or more.

Appearance and Layout

The appearance of Showbox is composed of a calming color scheme without any rough, jarring icons or clashing colors and looks to be well-polished by the developers.
The layout is user-friendly and easy to use with understandable icons. The user’s points are prominently displayed at the top of the screen and it’s easy to cash out.
Overall, the appearance and layout of Showbox is well-designed and easy to navigate and use.


Showbox is free and only a mere 8.6 MB to download. Its value is quite remarkable because it’s free to download and users canearn moneyfrom it.
Overall, Showbox is well worth the download, and we think that it’s a great way to easily churn some extra money (even if users don’t constantly complete offers).
Showbox requires Android 2.3.3 and up.

Download Showbox here. 

Are you still confused or having problems with setting up? Use the comment box for your question and recommendations.Please leave your Review and Comment Below.



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