How to install the screenshot editor from Android P to any smartphone

Android P has a built-in screenshot editor, Primarily its use on “P” is to “EDIT” screenshots, but it can also be used on any image.. Google have included an app on the Pixel 2 builds called “Markup”, which allows for cropping and simple editing. 

All thank to user under the nickname Quinny899, Who sheared a port of the Google Markup app from the Android P developer preview.

screenshot editor from Android P

The developer has ported the program to other devices and shared it on the XDA forum. The editor supports most devices.

How to Install and Use the Markup app on all Android device

  1. Download ported Markup app (screenshot editor) APK from this link and install it on your device just like a normal APK file
  2. After installation, Take a screenshot and tap “Share” button in a new window
  3. Select Markup from the Share menu
  4. Edit the screenshot with the new tool
  5. To save the image, click the check mark in the upper right corner. If the picture does not appear, make sure the application has permissions to use the gallery. 

Installed the screenshot editor


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