How To Fix Error Occurred While Decompressing File: UNARC.DLL-ERROR CODE


Error 1:

“unarc.dll error” appears while installing/extracting large or highly compressed file especially for Game.
This error appears because you have only limited free space for installation/extraction even-though the installing application shows enough free space. To avoid this error, you must have at least free space of 17.5GB in your drive where you want to install and run.

Info: unarc.dll is used for decompression of files like installers, installer scripts, archives etc. This dynamic link library file is created along with the software/game application in order to decompress the software/game during installation in Windows based PC.

This procedure is similar to decompression of .rar files using winrar but quiet different.

For example: if you try to extract a .rar file of 2GB but the actual size is 4GB and you have only 3GB of space in your drive, then winrar displays a error message stating that “there is no space in drive” (or) Windows will displays a error message stating that “winrar encountered a problem/winrar.exe error”.

The above example is very similar to unarc.dll error.

So [winrar.exe for eg] unarc.dll error will not appear if you have enough free space for installation/extraction and if still appears then you have to increase your free space.

Error 2:

Unarc.dll also reflected as “an error occurred while unpacking: archive corrupted/unable to read data (decompression fails)! unarc.dll”. Which is quite different from the above error.

This error occurs due to that the software/game setup has some corrupted installers, archives etc so that it cannot be extracted by unarc.dll.

The following codes indicate different issues based on your specs, OS type or even the setup file itself.

  • Code 1: “INVALID_FUNCTION” and your archive is corrupted
  • Code 2: “FILE_NOT_FOUND” (i.e) unarc cannot find the file specified
  • Code 3: “PATH_NOT_FOUND”
  • Code 5: “ACCESS_DENIED”
  • Code 6: “INVALID_HANDLE”
  • Code 11: “BAD_FORMAT”
  • Code 12: “INVALID_ACCESS”
  • Code 14: “OUT_OF_MEMORY”

To avoid this error, try to install the software/game with a new complete setup file which is genuine.

  1. Don’t install any ultra high compressed game.
  2. Don’t install any pirated game.
  3. The downloaded iso image files of game from any torrent site may work 100% but not for all types of OS with different versions.

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