How to Fix all Browser Tabs Closing Issues


Recently i noted my google chrome browser tabs closes when i click on them, at least I have seen this behavior 6 times this month only. When you click on a tab it closes and when you click on the last tab the browser closes. This strange behavior is now growing among browsers, Especially Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. 

Fix all Browser Tabs Closing Issues
This prompt me to check the internet if i could get fix to this, But to my surprise i found out a lot of people are also facing the same problem. Request like disable double click close tab chrome, right click closes chrome tab, So i sad if i get the problem solved i will write an article on how i got this problem fixed.
After reading through different publication, I get to realize that the root of this problem is actually the mouse.

How I fixed mouse closing tabs instead of switching

  1. The solution was to replace the mouse because it is sometimes damaged by frequent uses, Remember the most operation on mouse is the left clicking. You can also try to repair the mouse device if you can. If you are using a notebook try to remove the mouse and use the pad to test. 
  2. Use the mouse wheel to click on the tabs or on the ‘x‘ to close tab
  3. Use the key combinations that are already common for most browsers: Ctrl + t open a new tab, and Ctrl + w to closed it

Other solutions

Checking the mouse setting: Start menu -> Control Panel -> Mouse -> On Buttons tab -> Turn down Double click speed.

How to Stop closing two tabs instead of just one

Chrome Settings: Type “chrome://settings” (without quotes) in browser -> scroll down to “On start-up” select the radial beside the option reading “Open a specific page or set of pages.” An assortment of URLs will pop-up, this are the current set urls to open when you launch a new tab. Remove any and all URLs listed there. When done, close and restart Chrome again.

Other solutions

  1. Go to the Extensions panel, Look through the list that appears and disable and uninstall any extensions that look like items you did not install personally
  2. Run full system scans with your anti-virus and anti-malware scanners and remove whatever turns up. 
  3. You can also undo resent system changes, but leave file such as document, pictures, and music unchanged by Open System Restore on your computer. to do this go to Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Recovery


I later found this trick after a friend tried all above solution and fix. It is just to easy all you need to do is to hold down the mouse for 4 to 5 seconds anywhere inside the browser window. Boom! that all.

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