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How To Easily Unlock PdaNet Paid Premium Version For Free


Lots of readers had been searching and requesting for a way to stop PdaNet+ from disconnecting, and even crack of this app and Foxfi key following my last post on Best three Methods To Share Your Connections With computers.
Many get frustrated sometimes while browsing on their PC through the PdaNet Wifi we shared to our different laptops and desktops because it keeps disconnecting, especially whenever you have used up to 50MB of internet data. which has now forced many people and even you reading right now searching for pdanet serial number everywhere on the Internet, any way you have come to the right place.

PdaNet+ app is a free version which has some limitations like 50MB caped per connection. This simply means that your connection automatically stops immediately you have exhausted the caped 50MB for better understanding you can only use just 50mb each time you power your PC Internet through this application.

If you are looking for a means to unlock PdaNet Cape and want to enjoy tethering without usage limit, then believe me you have come to the right place. Because here You are going to learn the Best and exact working trick You can get anywhere on How to unlock both Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and PC versions without paying a Diem. But first, let’s get a short description of what this app it’s all about.

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PdaNet is a powerful app used mainly for sharing or tethering mobile’s internet connection between two devices especially mobile device and a PC. With this, you don’t really need both devices to have WiFi technology as it can tether through WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB connections.

PdaNet is very easy to set up on both PC and Smartphone. Plus Netloop, Netify, OpenVPN, Psiphon, simple server, Tweakware, syphon shield, and all other VPNs for free browsing can be shared or tethered via USB or WiFi Hotspot with any other internet browsing devices.

One great feature that makes app outperform other tethering app is that it tethers even VPN data from your phone which your normal tethering apps on your phone can’t do. This app is the solution and the best app to easily use your Psiphon, Simple Android Server, Netify, HTTP Injector, Net loop, and even Tweakware app cheats on PC.

Why you have to unlock PdaNet+?

PdaNet’s free version comes with a usage limit of (40-50MB). If you have reached that limit, your internet connection will be disconnected, the connection automatically stops immediately in your PC. And You will Now again you have to reconnect to the internet if you want to access the internet in PC. If you want to use this app without any disconnections or disturbance, you will have to purchase the PdaNet key to get rid of those disconnections. But don’t worry, here I have shared the full version and you don’t need to buy any key or serial. Let’s get started and unlock this great app.


  1. PdaNet app for PC and Android. Download them from the provided link below.
  2. Your android phone
  3. Your PC
  4. Original USB data cable


  • Download Link PC Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (both 32/64bit) Click HERE
  • Download Link Mac OS (5.0 or above) Click HERE
  • Download Link  Android (apk) Click HERE

For all other devices like iPhone, blackberry, tablet download links coming soon. so stay in touch.

NOTE: You must download and install both the phone version and PC version.  I have Provided the download link above.

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How to Unlock PdaNet Premium version for Free

Step 1: After installing on both Android or phone and Windows or computer.

Step 2: Go to this Web Page and wait for 10seconds click on “Skip” as shown below.

pdanet crack

Step 3: You will be redirected to, make sure You unmarked => Download with Secured Download manager. Click on download button see pictures below.

download pdanet

Step 4: Now install the downloaded app in your Android device. After installing the app, simply launch it and it will automatically detect the PdaNet app on your phone and open it through the app thereby unlocking it. check the status of the app as shown below.

Foxfi key premium

….Now no more disconnection. flex as you like.


If you are not using free browsing, that means you are not a follower of this blog because there are more than enough free browsing tweaks released here on daily basis to keep you connected on the internet. Most people that are using a free VPN connection on their phones have found it so challenging and difficult to use that same data on their PC.

Now I have a better and nice solution to that with powerful PdaNet app, So I am updating this article to fulfill the promise I mad in the previous post to PC users who want to use The New Unlimited MUSIC PLUS on their various PC. PdaNet+ is very easy to use free browsing through sharing or tethering via USB or WiFi Hotspot with any other internet browsing devices.

Android tethering and hotspot most times refuses to allow other devices to access and share your free internet data connection, most time will really want to use our data connection directly from our mobile phone without stressing our self with configuring our pc or other device this happens most when you have successfully run any of the tweaks on your android phone.

How can I create a Wi-Fi Hotpot and share my free browsing with other devices?

How to Tether Your SmartPhone Data Connection Using PdaNet+

Now, get ready to connect your Pc: Desktop and Laptop to the Internet through your phone’s Internet data connection or throuhg any free browsing configuration on your phone.  Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download the PdaNet+ both for Windows and Android has explained above from the link provided.
  2. Install and Run the app. The pdanet.exe file You downloaded on your Computer, either windows or mac version.
  3. Install and lunch the app. The pdanet.apk file You downloaded on your Android Phone.
  4. Enable USB debugging on your Android (from the “Developer Options”).
  5. On the PDANet.apk main screen, there are three options: USB Tether, Bluetooth Server, Wifi Hotspot.
  6. Activate the “USB Tether” option for best reliability and connect your USB cable to the PC
  7. Open the PDANet+ menu from the notification bar of your Windows and click on “Connect Internet (USB)”.
  8. It will verify and authenticate your connection automatically and you will be connected via USB.
  9. After a successful connection via USB, you can install Connectify on your PC and share the internet with other devices.

Note: Please Make sure your hotspot is switched off before you start using any of the following Method.


Android tethering and hotspot most times refuses to allow other devices to access and share your free internet data connection, most time will really want to use our data connection directly from our mobile phone without stressing our self with configuring our pc or other devices this happens most when you have successfully run any of the tweaks or free browsing cheats on your Android or other phones.

Hence this is one the easiest, simplest and powerful app which helps US Shares internet connection directly from Android to PC. If you want to use internet on your PC from Android Data connection and even Free browsing through the numerous VPNs settings we have provided on this blog, then PdaNet app is the best option for

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*If you still encounter any problem, unlocking or cracking your PDANET to Hotpot and sharing Your Free browsing or Data connection with other devices please do not hesitate to indicate your problem in the comment box or contact me. Please don’t forget to share this article.



  1. Tanks sir you have saved me… Have been searching every where on the Internet for both PdaNet and Foxfi key cracked version.

    And finally got it here…. TANKS SOOooo Much the the cracked worked!!! & full premium version is unlocked

  2. I have downloaded everything .still saying unlock full version .do I need to download an app from aptoide./cydia.trying not to get a virous.maybe an unlock serial .

  3. Thanks a million times over. It's great being able to download on my tablet without having to reconnect. Definitely works and easy to do. I really do appreciate it.

  4. VERY big thanks to olageek and to Kbguider… this worked fine on android 6 and a windows 7 laptop. pdanet claims to be fully licensed and usb tether works great. I did not test the licensed state by downloading something larger than 50mb or use the connection constantly for more than 30 minutes or so, but the program does report that it is licensed.


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