How To Copy Protected DVD Using A Free Program


Foreign developers like to pamper users with bonuses and discounts in honor of holidays. And today is just the same case – you have the opportunity to download a very useful program WinX DVD Copy Pro, which is designed for copying DVDs. Right now we will tell you more about the features of the utility, its functionality and how to download WinX DVD Copy Pro for free. Do not miss the opportunity.

How To Copy Protected DVD

Download WinX DVD Copy Pro for free

I’m always very categorical about software and recommend only high-quality utilities. The program WinX DVD Copy Pro is just from this category. Its ability to create a free backup DVD and create an exact copy of the DVD – 1: 1 copy protected DVD. With the utility you can copy the DVD to an MPEG2 file for further use in the media center, create a DVD library and play DVDs in PS3, HTPC, without affecting the contents of the disc, and in the ISO image for later recording, playback or copying.

The main feature of this utility is the use of modern technologies, due to which it is possible to work even with very scratched disks or, for example, Sony ARccOS disks with bad sectors. Also this program supports Disney fake disks, while most alternative utilities can not cope with similar tasks.

How To Copy Protected DVD

How to back up an old DVD to DVD

With WinX DVD Copy Pro you can easily mount ISO on a virtual disk, burn DVD to DVD. The user can get a 100% original copy, while maintaining the quality of the recording, structure and content.

Main features of the program

Full copy DVD to DVD, ISO, DVD to VIDEO_TS folder.
Copy DVD to single MPEG2 file with original quality.
Ability to read damaged discs, support for Sony ARccOS. The ability to remove the protection of Disney X-project DRM and Macrovision.
The program does not use third-party codecs.
Improved DVD sector copying engine. More orderly and fast.
Supports recording of DVD titles / DVD chapters. Ability to extract video / audio from DVD.
A new method for identifying encrypted bad sectors on disk and encrypted bad UDF file systems.

softwear To Copy Protected DVD

As you can see, the program WinX DVD Copy Pro has a fairly high-quality functionality, for which it is not insulting to pay money. But right now you have the opportunity to get it all for free. In honor of Halloween, developers give the opportunity to download the program for free.

On the page GIVEAWAY you need to enter your email address, which will come with a letter with a link for download and registration code. Please note that with the help of the code you can activate the current version of the program for free and use it for an unlimited time.

But if you want to regularly receive software updates, then you have to pay: now, developers have a bonus offer – only 39.95 dollars. For this money you will be able to receive a free update of the utility. If you are interested in this – act now, because the offer is limited.


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