How to Cancel and Stop All GLO Annoying Subscriptions Deducting Your Airtime


Many have been looking for a way to STOP GLO from deducting our airtime with no idea of what we subscribed for. Some people every week while some every day and you can bear me witness that this can be so annoying.
Almost all this telecom’s providers are now cash fun deduct money from its subscribers account with no reason by opt-in them in for news and update plus caller tune unknowingly. Given the network subscriber headache as they can not enjoy the amount of airtime they recharge on their sim-cards.

Glo has offended so many subscribers because of the charges that happen unnoticed and unexpectedly. Some of even subscribed to some Glo services they don’t know anything about only to discover that anytime your recharge, N50 is been deducted from your account even #100 sometimes. The worst part of it is that most times, people are forced to opt in to these useless services and sometimes people opt in unknowingly.

I recently wrote an article on How to deactivate all Etisalat and MTN services to stop deducting your money. so i learned that GLO also joint the queue of deducting or let me just say stealling their subscribers money, so that is why i decided to write this article on how to stop these GLO value added services for secure account balance.

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But sometimes It’s caused by You Whenever you subscribe to any of the Glo services intentionally or unintentionally plans, GLO will always re-activate/auto-renew the subscription after validity or expired which you may not wish to do and it could be annoying if you want to use your airtime for other stuff. Its time to take action against this unnecessary charges and deductions in your account by GLO as a result of subscribing to one or more of their services.

Now Enough is enough Today I will unveil How To Cancel or Deactivate or Opt Out of all GLO Subscriptions deducting your money. Thanks to the NCC for mandating every network provider to provide a means through which subscribers can opt out of any service provided. and now Globacom has complied with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to provide an opt-out code to stop GLO from deducting your money or Airtime.

So if you happen to be the type of people that don’t like deduction of money from their account by receiving annoying value added services from GLO it’s time to stop them by deactivating all their value added service subscriptions which actually leads to mass deduction of your money from your line either knowingly or knowingly by Glo.

 How To Stop GLO from deducting your Money

Before taking any action or Step you have to know the kind of text you do receive, i.e.  the exact type of text Glo is sending to you so as to know how to deactivation that service.

How To stop  Caller Tune Service

send “dereg” to 7728 as sms without quotes

 How To stop 8888 Messages

» Christianity send sms UNSUB CHRIST to 8888 to opt out
» Dating Tips UNSUB DAT to 8888 to opt out
» Hair Tips send sms UNSUB HAIR to 8888 to opt out

» Health tips send sms UNSUB HT to 8888 to opt out
» Islam send sms UNSUB ISLAM to 8888 to opt out
» Jokes send sms UNSUB JOKE to 8888 to opt out
» Romance send sms UNSUB ROM to 8888 to opt out
» Weight loss tips sendsms UNSUB WLT to 8888 to opt out
» Weight Gain tips send sms UNSUB WGT to 8888 to opt out

» Word of the day send sms UNSUB WORD to 8888 to opt out

Note: If it You don’t know which kind of text message you normally received from GLO, or you don’t Know the exact one you are subscribed to, Then just send “UNSUB” to 8888 to unsubscribe from all 8888 annoying services.


This issue will be peculiar to users who once had GloDirect service activated on their lines years ago ever before the new GloFlat settings were introduced, though a few newer users may experience it too. Back in the day, GloDirect offered mobile internet at lower than regular tariffs, but was pay-as-you-go. Billing was done from the user’s airtime. It appears that unless the GloDirect service is de-activated, there is something about the way that a few smartphones are built that make them lock on to it and use that regardless of what other settings are entered in the device or what data plan is subscribed to.

If you find that despite having the correct GloFlat settings on your device, your airtime is being used up when you use internet services, it is likely that you once had GloDirect activated on your line and that is creating a conflict on your line.

Stop any other  messages
To deactivate other value added services apart of 888 messages
just send UNSUB to 547 

Hope this article help Someone…

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