How To Batch Rename Many Files at Once with Finder: iMac, MacBook and MacAir


Suppose you have a whole series of files in Finder that you want to rename. Normally this would be a boring and long work, but fortunately, Finder offers an excellent tool to rename several files at once. In this Article I will explain how you make optimal use of this.

Batch Rename Many Files at Once on Mac

How does it work?

First, you select all the files you want to rename by clicking on them and holding down the command key. Then right-click on one of the files and select the option ‘Change name of X files’ in the pop-up menu. You will now see a window with which you can make various adjustments to the filenames.

Replace text

The first option is probably the most used: the Replace text option. This allows you to search for specific text in the filenames and replace it with something else. And if you want to delete a specific text, you can of course also leave the Replace with text or enter a space.

Adding text

In addition, you can choose to add a certain text to the file names, where you can also choose whether to add this text at the beginning or the end of the file name.

Automatically number your files

The most powerful option is the Format option. This allows you to quickly number your files exactly as you want. You select the basic text that each file must have, and behind this Finder automatically dials a number. You can also choose to have your numbering start at a particular number or choose to add the date to the file name.
With these options, your files always have exactly the file name you want. And do not forget that Finder also has the Undo option in the menu, so you can always try your change first.

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