How does Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 take pictures? Better than we expected (many photos)


The conceptual smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix ( review ) was good in many things, but not in cameras. Distributing the budget for the filling and materials of the corps, engineers and marketers were a little greedy for photo and video shooting, as a result of which one of the most advanced devices of their time was given to non-cammic cameras. The company listened to criticism and presenting Mi Mix 2 stressed that it has a flagship camera. 

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

What does this mean? The module includes a 12 megapixel sensor Sony IMX386 with a pixel size of 1.25 microns, a 4-axis optical stabilization system, a 5-lens optics with a f / 2.0 aperture, a two-tone flash, a phase autofocus, and algorithms, drivers and an image processor from Qualcomm (thanks to Snapdragon 835 chip). Many users, after learning about the IMX386 in Mix 2, rushed to put it on one level, not only with Mi Max 2, which has a more budget processor, and there is no stabilization, and even the aperture is different, but also with Meizu MX6, which is generally on MediaTek and from another team (to dig into hardware differences is even more meaningless than between Mix 2 and Max 2). Important: the sensor is only part of the camera module assembly, one detail, in itself, does not guarantee any result (positive or negative, remember the past flagship Sony Xperia). And that’s how Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 takes pictures in different conditions. 
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 camera review

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 camera review

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 camera review

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 camera review
Criticism of Xiaomi for the camera of the original Mi Mix worked. The smartphone began to shoot better: it does it faster, more precisely, it is more correct. The dynamic range could be wider, but HDR helps in a number of situations. Also come to the rescue expo correction on tapu – do not ignore this function. The front camera is located on the lower right and made even less, but the disaster did not happen. Selfi are quite good for a smartphone, where they sacrificed everything they can to the full screen. To a detailed review, we will prepare a comparison with some smartphone, so that it would be more interesting for you. Any suggestions?


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