How do you turn off and restart your iPhone X?: Solved


Although the probability is likely that you will ever have to turn off your iPhone X, it is still useful if you know how to do it. In the previous models you could always force a restart by pressing the home button and the button on the side at the same time, but now that the new iPhone X no longer has a home button, that is of course not possible anymore. Also just switching off the iPhone X works slightly different than normal, so we tell you exactly how it is.

Solved:How to switch off and restart iPhone X

Switch off in the normal way

Simply switching off your new iPhone X is possible in two ways. First of all there is a new way without buttons, which you can find in the Settings app under the heading general. At the very bottom you see Turn off and you see the familiar slider on the screen. By sliding it to the right, your iPhone X turns off. You can switch on with the on / off button, or by connecting your iPhone X to a power source.

Of course you can also use the buttons on your iPhone X to switch off the iPhone, but that is slightly different from the previous models. Instead of just the on / off button, you must press both the on / off button and one of the volume buttons, after which the known slide button will appear.

Force your iPhone X to restart

In previous models it was also possible to force your iPhone to restart, In cases where your iPhone no longer responds. With the iPhone X this is just a bit different. You now have to press a combination of buttons in succession, namely:

  1. Press the volume up button briefly
  2. Then press the volume-down button briefly
  3. Now press and hold the on / off button until you see the Apple logo on the screen

Your iPhone X will restart immediately, which can be useful if the image stops responding, because then you can not operate the slider anymore.

Video Tutorial Solved: How to switch off and restart iPhone X

SOS mode

In addition to this button combination, Apple has also introduced a new combination, namely the SOS emergency notification. By pressing the on / off button and a volume button for two seconds you can call 112 quickly and your medical details and certain contacts are automatically displayed. Face-ID is also turned off so that no-one enters your phone without knowing your pin code. Also good to know!


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