How can I Use Paint on Mac? See Full Explanation and Guide


If you ask Windows and macOS users which operating system is the best you will soon notice that the discussion is about the various programs available for Windows and macOS. A Windows user would say that he can not use all his favorite programs on macOS, while a macOS user would say that the programs on macOS are of a much higher quality. But what it often is not about, are the small programs that you receive as standard with both macOS and Windows: the photos app, the text editor or Garageband.

Paint on Mac

These are the apps that you use almost every day, and that can make your life a lot easier. A favorite among Windows users is Paint. This small program for Windows is sometimes just what you need on your Mac, but a clear alternative does not seem to exist. Or is it? We discuss the hidden Paint function of the Preview app, with which you can make some simple adjustments to photos.


Preview to edit photos The editing options in the Preview app are primarily focused on placing small pieces of text on an image or making simple adjustments. Ideal if you just want to quickly add a picture and provide a text. But how does it work? First, you have to open the image you want to edit with the Preview app. You do this by dragging the image you want to edit to the Preview icon in the Dock or by right-clicking on the photo and selecting Open> Preview.

Make simple adjustments

At the top of the bar, you can now see a small icon that looks like a toolbox, next to the search bar. If you click on this, the change button bar opens, allowing you to make some adjustments. Some frequently used functions are:

paint draw bar


Adding text is done by pressing the icon with text, after which a box with a standard text is placed in the middle of your photo. You can then adjust this text yourself and move it to the right place. You can of course also adjust the size and the color.

Draw Draw

rectangles, ovals or lines (again, you can draw a square or circle by pressing the shift button.) Once you have drawn a shape, additional options will appear on the right side of the toolbar that allows you to draw change the color, fill or outline. What you have drawn can then also be moved and made larger or smaller.


This allows you to select a part of the image and copy this selection or crop the image according to this selection. You can select a rectangle or an oval (if you hold down shift, it becomes a square or a circle), or use the lasso selection to determine the shape of the selection yourself.

Ideal for quick adjustments

These editing options of the Preview app are ideal if you just want to make some adjustments quickly, without having to start large apps like Photoshop. Perfect to quickly crop the photo before you put it on Facebook or to draw an arrow to make a screenshot clearer quickly.


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