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How can I Create a Windows 10 USB Installer Drive from Mac

Windows 10 is the Goldilocks adaptation of Microsoft’s revered PC working framework,
Windows 10 is well known and simple to use, with loads of similitude’s to Windows 7 including the Start menu. It begins up and continues quick, has more inherent security to keep you safe, and is intended to work with programming and equipment you as of now have. So Why turned out to be late?

Windows 10 can run perfectly on all modern Mac hardware in a dual boot environment with the help of Boot Camp.
Seriously speaking we can’t overlook the Apple unit utilizing OS X. For sure, in the U.S. Mac portable PCs are reliably a smash hit, which brings up the issue: Should they introduce Windows10?
The answer is yes, and not on account of we think Windows 10 is a prevalent OS (conceded we are one-sided, so grain of salt). Without a doubt, the genuine reason is any Mac client can just download the Windows 10 ISO document and join the Microsoft world for nothing.

Why have Windows?


A common reason, if not the most well-known, reasons Mac clients need to utilize Windows is for the unrivaled gaming experience.Sentiment communicated by numerous is that they have no enthusiasm for running Windows but to play Windows-just recreations.
Windows-Only Application
   There are is an assortment of uses, Windows-just applications that a few clients may need or need to run. Especially in business, architectural planning, and science, that are not accessible for the Mac-OS X.
    Web Explorer: If you are a web engineer and need to test your site in IE (which you need to). Additionally some corporate intranet applications work just on IE(6/7/8 similarity mode).
    Learning Windows particularly innovation. Case in point I need to learn C#. C# is best to learn with Microsoft Visual Studio (IMHO).


Windows 10 is standing out as truly newsworthy nowadays and what better approach to grab some Apple fans than with an (essentially) free new operating system?
There is a solid portion of the PC utilizing populace that will need to introduce Windows on an Intel-based Mac because they can. Much like the individuals who are keen on introducing Linux on an iPod, it’s in any event as much about the test and the enjoyment of the procedure than the genuine convenience for any particular reason.

If you want to run both windows and OS X on your Mac, you’ll want to create a bootable Windows 10 installer drive out of a USB drive, which can be created with OS X and the Boot Camp Assistant tool.

System Requirements

==>An empty USB flash drives that’s at least 8GB.
==>Windows 10 ISO on your Mac
==>if you’ve got this, then you are good to go!

How can I Create a Windows 10 Installer Drive from OS X with Boot Camp Assistant?

  • Download Windows ISO file and into somewhere easy to locate.

  • Connect your empty USB flash drive to your computer, make sure it is empty cause this flash will be erased and turn into the Windows bootable installer drive.
  • Launch Boot Camp Assistant app, You will find it in /Applications/Utilities/ (or launch it with Spotlight)

  • Check/mark the box for “Create a Windows 8 or later install disk” and please Uncheck “Install Windows 8 or later version” do not skip unchecking this, otherwise Boot Camp will attempt to install Windows on the Mac directly please not this, which is not what we want here.

  • Now hit the continue button
  • Click on the “Choose” button, and confirm it is the proper ISO (make sure it is the ISO 10 you downloaded if you’ve downloaded the Windows 10 ISO is in your Downloads folder then it’s likely to be select automatically and if not just navigate to the Windows 10 ISO.

  • Time to choose the destination USB disk to turn into Windows 10 ISO bootable installer drive then hit “Continue.”
  • Do which to format the USB flash drive confirm that you wish. Now just hands off and wait as your computer start creating the installer drive for Windows 10.
  • Please note: creating the installer drive for Windows will take some time, you just have to wait a while.
  • After the whole process is complete, creating the Windows 10 installer. You’ll note that the USB flash drive on the Mac has been renamed to “WIN INSTALL,” if you check through the volume you’ll discover it’s full of .exe, .efi, .inf, BootCamp, they are Windows files, t hey run the Windows 10.

BOOM!!! and that is it, You have successfully created a Windows 10 installer drive.that is ready for creating a Boot Camp partition and installing Windows onto a Mac.

 How can i install Windows 10 on a Mac?

Complete step-step guide to install Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro (2015)



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