Hidden features of iOS 11 on iPhone 8 Plus you should know about


Sales of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have long been launched. And many Europe users got new flagships, without waiting for the launch of the premium version of the iPhone the X . Especially for iPhone 8 plus owners, we want to talk about a few hidden functions and features that you may not know about. So, let’s go!

Here are a few secrets …

  1. Ability to move multiple icons at once. Now you can move faster, drag and drop applications on your desktop into folders of several pieces at once. The first finger, as usual, click on the icon and hold it; then, using another finger, add other icons. By the way, the same method works in the Files application.
  2. The HDR button in the Camera application can now be present or absent as desired. All you need to do is turn off in Settings – Camera slider opposite “Auto HDR.”

    Hidden features of iPhone 8 Plus

  3. Use 3D Touch technology to determine the priorities for downloading applications.

    Hidden features of iOS 11

  4. Thanks to the technology of 3D Touch, you can see the number of notifications for each application that are in the same folder.
  5. Now you can drop the red notifications in the form of a badge on the application icon for individual applications. To do this, open the Settings – Notifications, select the application you want, and then disable the slider opposite the “Sticker on the icon.” It is very convenient if on some applications you constantly have a lot of notifications that you do not browse.
  6. Now disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions through the Control Point does not disable these modules in fact. You just break the current connection.
  7. Now you can use the 3D Touch capabilities in the camera for a simplified filter preview.
  8. Now you can access the new 4K 60 FPS format, and you can reduce the size of the image and video by about 70%.


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