Hackers hacked BlackBerry Mobile site: install CoinHive to cancel monero


Users of Reddit found that the international English-language site BlackBerry Mobile is engaged in the mining of the Montero crypto currency. At the very beginning of the source code of some of its pages there is a link to the script CoinHive, which allows site owners to run the monero on the computing power of their visitors. The Canadian, European and American versions of the site are not affected by this problem.

Users wondered why BlackBerry Mobile decided to install CoinHive on its website. Some suggested that in this way the company intends to earn some money to improve the financial situation in the company (mother TCL is going through hard times). However, an investigation conducted by Twitter users showed that the same CoinHive ID, which is on the BlackBerry Mobile website, is used on hundreds of sites, mostly Chinese, and all of them have a script inserted at the very beginning of the source code. This means that all of these sites were most likely hacked by the same hackers in order to install the CoinHive script, which cancels the monero in their favor. We were unable to determine if the script was removed from the BlackBerry Mobile website by now.



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