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Google Plus Comes with Another Latest Beautiful View

I got a notification from Google to try out the latest version of Google+ and then I instantly switch from classical to view the latest in order to know the latest draft of Google+. When demonstrated I was very impressed with the number of changes made by the Google against this community. Not only limited changes, but to me they have managed to create the most beautiful in the history of modifications to the design of the site.

Reviewing from the Official Google Blog, it seems they have to spend quite a long time to get proposals or response from the user community in order to improve the appearance Google+. Finally, on Tuesday (17/11/2015), they launched the latest version of Google+. This new look is very minimalistic and applies to all types of devices including Android, iOS, and from a device with a screen size of any shape.

Menu appears on Google+ homepage with a fresh new look. Then, if usually we make sharing the post and can only be distributed to people in the community of Google+, but in the latest version of Google+ way share posts have been added such as Copy Link, Facebook, and Twitter.

When using and explore further then we will gain a sense of comfort will be flat style design on Google+ display. Google+ is very revealing her fashionable professional impression, easily accessible, cool in the eyes, and even we can always adrift linger there.

Moreover, the impression of the coloring on Google+ this latest display completely uniform with the convenience of the user. I myself prefer this latest display rather than back to the classic look for the reasons which I have expressed earlier. In my opinion, this can only be found exclusively in the latest Google+.

Related to this, maybe Google will offset most popular in the world community. With the improvement of community services such as Google which certainly can penetrate the attention of the users of social media on the internet. Access Google+ is user friendly and allows the user mobile rapidity number of users.

The good impact has been my experience yourself. The story I had published an article on the community blog and share Google+. Suddenly with a quick response published my article immediately flooded by readers of traffic Google+. Salut once with Google, the new official a few days to renew the community, the number of users soared up from usual.

It seems there are many more look and latest features of Google+ that should be seen and tested. You can try the prime version of Google+ easily that, just follow the advice of the notification Google+ to feel the latest look at while you’re accessing Goolge + classic look.



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