Google Pixel 2 XL display faded after a week of use


We resently talked about the display of unpleasant features of the screen Google Pixel 2 XLrelated to picture quality, brightness level and viewing angles. One more was added to them – the burning out of the P-OLED-matrix. At once we will make a reservation, that while the case is individual and can be written off on a banal marriage of the first party. And yet this is what Android Central says, whose editor has encountered a problem. According to the source, Google Pixel 2 XL was in daily use for a week, after which the virtual buttons “Home”, “Back” and “Application Menu” burned out, leaving the silhouette on the matrix, which is clearly visible in the image below.

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The good news is that the smartphone is covered by a guarantee, that is, a popular resource will receive appropriate compensation for a defective device. Well, it will be bad if the problem becomes widespread. Note that the LG V30 has not yet been caught in such cases, that can also inspire optimism to the fans of the corporation of good. Let’s wait a little and we will follow the developments.

Google Pixel 2 XL display faded after a week of use


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