Google Pixel 2 XL coped better with strength tests than Pixel 2

This year, Google turned to two different partners to help with the production of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL ( unpacking ). As a result, the devices turned out to be very different in design in some technical aspects. There are differences and for the assembly. This was clearly demonstrated by the well-known expert on testing the strength of mobile devices JerryRigEverything. Using its proprietary test suite, the blogger pointed out that Pixel 2 XL is less afraid of scratches on the fingerprint scanner (even serious damage does not deprive it of its usual level of responsiveness, as it did with Pixel 2), and the vulnerable place on the frame when passing the bend test was not manifested. One more detail – all buttons Pixel 2 XL are made of metal, whereas in blue Pixel 2 one of them is made of plastic (perhaps, a feature of this particular color variant). Look for more details on the posted video:


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