Get a lifetime of unlimited access to over 100 streaming channels with Getflix.


If you use video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Sling.TV, or iPlayer and want unbridled (not controlled or restrained) access to them no matter where you are, then Getflix is your ticket to your streaming freedom. You can get a lifetime subscription to Getflix for only US$69 – a saving of 91 percent – in the AndroidPIT Deals Store.

Geo-restrictions can be a pain. Whether you travel a lot or want access to content that isn’t available in your home country, Getflix can help put an end to your troubles.

The great thing about the service Getflix provides is that it only routes the traffic you need for the videos you want to watch, meaning that your internet speeds don’t suffer in the process. You or anyone else using your connection can continue browsing the web unaffected. There’s also the option for a free VPN account if you’d prefer 256-bit encryption on all your traffic. The choice is yours.

Getflix provides more than 50 VPN nodes for you to use, ensuring you can access all the content you want across over 100 streaming channels. Get a lifetime subscription now for only US$69 – 91 percent off – in the AndroidPIT Deals Store.


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