Full Tutorial: How To Change Imei Of All Android Phones to Blackberry Imei


Most Android users wants to use the blackberry subscription on their Smartphones because of the reduced charges attracted to it, So today I will walk you through on how to we are going to use such subscriptions on Android devices by changing the IMEI numbers of your Android Smart device to that of a blackberry

Warning: Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries, and I will not be held responsible for any for any consequences that may befall the changer

When it comes to changing your android IMEI number to Blackberry IMEI number, there are lots of methods which can be used to do it which can be on PC or just on your Android device. So if one method doesn’t work for you, you can easily try another one.

How To Generate BlackBerry IMEI with a PC

Firstly, download BlackBerry IMEI generator RAR file from HERE to your PC, unZip it and copy three .sys file to a new folder on your desktop, double click on the GIPv4.1 exec file and choose the Generate button. Copy or better still write down the generated BlackBerry IMEI number for latter use.

How To Generate BlackBerry IMEI without a PC

If you don’t have a PC or finding it difficult to generate BlackBerry IMEI on PC, here is another way to do it without any stress at all.Only download and install the BlackBerry IMEI Gen apk file HERE, go to your app menu and look for the just install app and click on it to launch.

This is how to change IMEI number on a single-SIM enabled Android phones using Terminal Emulator

1. Download and install Terminal Emulator to your Android phone, you can download it from HERE

2. Open it, type SU and press enter key to gain Superuser access (if you have rooted Your phone)

3. Then type this command and press enter key : echo AT +EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_NUMBER”>/dev/pttycmd1 or echo AT +EGMR=1*7*IMEI_1>/dev/pttycmd1

For Dual-SIM Android phones type this command: echo AT +EGMR=1,10, “IMEI_NUMBER”>/dev/pttycmd1

Replace the IMEI_NUMBER with the BlackBerry IMEI number you have just and reboot your phone

Pls Note: make sure you put a space between “AT” and “+” in the command, the procedures listed above works best on MTK (MediaTek) powered Android devices

Method 2: How To Change Android IMEI Number To Blackberry IMEI

This method has been tested and proved to work on MTK Android Phones, or MTK chipset powered Android phones, e.g., Tecno Android phones, Innjoo phones, earlier Infinix phones and more but will not work for non-MTK Android devices like Samsung, Nokia, and some Infinix phones. Be sure you are using an MTK device, you can be sure by using a benchmark app.

Steps On How To Change Android IMEI Number To BlackBerry IMEI Without PC

Firstly, You should copy out the IMEI numbers and save it somewhere safe, in case you want to change the IMEI number of your phone back to the future

1. Dial *#7465625# or *#*#3646633#*#* to bring out a secret menu. Depending on which device you use

2. Tap on Call Pad or Connectivity Options.

3. In Options Section, Tap On CDS information.

4. Tap on Radio Information. If your phone is a dual sim, two options will be shown which are Phone 1 and Phone2. If you want to change SIM 1 IMEI, choose Phone 1 and if you want to change the SIM 2 IMEI choose phone 2.

5. You’d be shown a screen with AT+ at the top. Type E and some pop-up options will be displayed. If you intend changing the SIM 1 IMEI, select “1,7,” but if you intend changing SIM 2 IMEI, select “1,10,“

6. Now look close in-between the inverted columns(“”). Type in your new blackberry IMEI in-between the columns and insert a space between AT, +. Thereby, you’d get something like AT +EGMR=1,7,”(New IMEI Number)”

7. After properly inserting that, Tap on Send AT Command and you should get a successful command sent or At command sent (Depending on the Android phone you use).

8. Now, navigate back to your phone screen. Turn On Airplane mode and switch off the phone.

9. Turn the phone back on, turn off Airplane Mode and check your phone IMEI using *#06# and you’d realize one of the IMEI has been changed to the prescribed IMEI you inserted.

How to change HTC and Samsung Android Devices IMEI

For those who are using HTC devices and are finding it difficult to change their HTC phones IMEI, don’t worry below is a solution to this trouble. This section of this post is specially for HTC users who want to change the IMEI number of their phone, follow the simple steps below

Firstly, your HTC Android phone must be rooted. So if your phone is not rooted, please google it out together with your phone model to get a tutorial on how to root it.

  • Download Android SDK Tools HERE to your PC.

  •  Go to bootloader by putting off your HTC Phone then power it on while holding the volume down button and it will boot to the bootloader, connect your phone to your PC with your cable and click on Fastboot. The volume is used to navigate, and the power button is used to select your option.

  •  From Fastboot, click on computer and search “cmd”. It will open the command prompt window.

  •   Then type “fast boot get var imei” it will display your current imei. Type “fast boot OEM write IMEI 35xxxx” the 35xxx stands for the Blackberry imei you want to use. You will get a success report. Now you can reboot your phone and enjoy your new IMEI.


This post contains all the proved methods of how to change Android IMEI number to BlackBerry IMEI number with the aid of a computer and without a computer, it also explained how to generate blackberry IMEI numbers which are to be used in the process to avoid errors during the process. Please, I ask of your to easily and slowly follow the process and understand every single step before taking an action. Best guide on how to change Android IMEI to Blackberry IMEI number easily.


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