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Ford Mustang or Cadillac – which car is fuel efficient?

Ford Mustang VS Cadillac

Ford Mustang and Cadillac ATS-V bring power to the road. But for this test, they were not built: Which Ami sled consumes the least fuel?

Nothing is as stubborn as clichés. “American cars are gas guzzlers,” is one of those. Our mission for this race is to save fuel with the latest Ami sleds. Can we manage to reduce consumption below factory specifications? The cars are not actually made for that. Or is it?

Andreas Kurz in the Ford Mustang: American freedom dream with “Ecoboost”

Ami Car No. 1 is a Ford Mustang, the rolling American Liberty Dream. The Ford Mustang ushered in the era of pony cars in 1964: Power for the people, he promises since then, a lot of buzz for little money. With the latest generation, Ford has committed a sacrilege in the eyes of PS purists: The automaker equips the car with the addition of “Ecoboost” because he is to burn only eight liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

Felix Wadewitz in the Cadillac: Car under suspicion of doping

Ami Car # 2 is the suspected doping Cadillac ATS-V. With its 470-horsepower engine, the Caddy poached in the area of ​​BMW’s extra-fast “M” models. 11.6 liters of combined gasoline consumption is in the datasheet. Let’s start, first through Berlin, then into the Uckermark, to Schwedt.

Andreas Kurz in the Ford Mustang: Tame vehicle
This Mustang is tamed. Instead of a V8 as in the past, only four cylinders are banging in the Ecoboost. But the 317 HP is enough to drive the horse very neatly forward, although it is overweight. 1.7 tons of weight is not quite as eco, but let’s take it slow: behind a truck on the highway, at 1200 revs in 6th gear. The indicated consumption drops rapidly. If it was still 11 in Berlin, it is now only 8 liters. Take this, Cadillac!

Felix Wadewitz in the Cadillac: Here everything screams for racing cars

A Cadillac that evokes associations of giant US sleds that are more of a moving living room – with wood-paneled dashboards and wide seats. But cruising is not for the ATS-V. Somewhat inconspicuous from the outside, everything in the cockpit screams for racing cars. Carbon, sports seats, Formula 1 steering wheel. Once unconcentrated, the gas pedal pushed through, and already the racer accelerates to 170 things. Bye-bye Porsche! But now the onboard computer displays 27 liters of consumption. Oops. Back to plan, save fuel.

Andreas Kurz in the Ford Mustang: The sleeping car speed has paid off

After 127 kilometers, our destination comes into view: the PCK refinery in Schwedt. It’s kind of a food factory for cars. From here comes every tenth liter of fuel that is fueled in Germany. And the Mustang needs surprisingly little of that, the sleeping car speed has worked: 6.8 liters consumption, 1.2 liters under factory specification. The Cadillac NEVER does that.

Felix Wadewitz in the Cadillac: winner of the hearts

After an infinite Zuckelei in the speed of the train also turns the Cadillac on the refinery parking. A place with symbolism to strip off the drinker image of our US cars. And lo and behold: The Caddy has approved 7.5 liters per 100 km. The Mustang takes even less? Might be. But the Caddy is equal to four liters below the factory specifications. Winner of the hearts: the Cadillac!



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