Drop-test iPhone X in comparison with Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 Plus


Each frameless device raises fears for users in terms of stability of the case to the falls. Especially a lot of related issues to glass gadgets. These days, all attention is focused on the iPhone X, which just meets both of the above criteria. The first drop tests of Apple’s premium OLED smartphone have already appeared on the Web, in which the main competitor in the face of Samsung Galaxy S8, as well as a colleague for the lineup of 2017, iPhone 8 Plus, acted as a benchmark. In the first case, the devices showed comparable results and even received similar “mutilations” on the back panel. In favor of the Galaxy S8 says only that when the fall on the display did not form a “spiderweb” in the center of the front panel, but only damaged the curved edges. Both devices remained on the run. But compared to the iPhone 8 Plus, the newcomer showed himself very well and won in three of four rounds. As it was, look at the video below. And remember that absolutely any smartphone should be used carefully, no matter how secure and strong it may be.


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