Download TOP 10 Greatest and Most Beautiful Themes for Windows 10


   Are you bored with the current Windows 10 theme?  No problem, here we’ve got some awesome themes and skins to show you. These themes will revamp your Windows 10 experience with new Icons, Taskbar, Dialogue box and Docks. So let’s dig into these themes. You’re surely gonna love them.
There are many Windows 10 themes for you but you can’t pick any random theme. The reason being you will need the best Windows 10 theme for yourself. In order to help you to choose from the crowd, I am listing the 10 best windows 10 themes to download. Pick one among the list that you like to try. I’m sure that you won’t be depressed.

Best Windows 10 Themes For You To Download Today

1. GTGraphics Themes

Space Theme for Windows

If you are a space and technology fan, then this theme is for you. Well designed by the artists, the theme will take you in a completely different world. The theme consists of 16 wallpapers with designs of planets, sun, meteor shower and what not. The astounding and fiery pictures will be matched by the orange Windows colour.

2. Morning Theme
Best morning greenary theme for Windows

You must have guessed already what this theme will be about. Morning theme consists of beautiful wallpapers that capture the true beauty of the morning. The perfect blend of nature and wildlife make this Morning Theme unique and this is the reason that it is present in our list of best Windows 10 themes. All the 8 wallpapers capture the beauty of the sunrise. The theme gives a fresh look by making your Windows colour part green. All greenery of the wallpapers will surely make your day. All the pictures of the theme had been photographed by Popkov Alexandr.

3. South Indian Beaches Theme

The South Indian Beaches Theme brings you the pictures of beautiful themes from all across the different beaches of the beautiful South India. Famous beach covered in this theme include Devbagh beach. The credits for the beautiful pictures of the theme goes to Shilpa S. Rao. The Window colour is light blue which is perfect to complement the coolness of the water. The theme consists of 9 pictures in total. You will able to see boats in most of the wallpapers of the theme.

4. Aurora Borealis

The attractive backgrounds of Aurora over diverse parts of Iceland and Norway are packed in the wallpapers of this theme. A total of eight wallpapers will give you the amazing view over the ice, sea and mountains. If you are a fan of nights, then the Aurora Borealis theme is for you. The colour of your Windows will turn into sea green once you activate the theme. The wallpapers of your desktop will change for every five minutes by default. You can also change the timing of the wallpapers manually.

5. Colour Splash Theme

If you are looking for something classic and colourful, then all you need to have is the Colour Splash theme. All the wallpapers of the theme will be presented to you in bright colours. Most of the wallpapers deals with the abstract stuff. The photographs have been beautifully designed to add a dash of creativity and activeness in the soul of your desktop. An aquamarine colour Window will balance the vibrant colour of the Colour Splash Theme. The theme has packed 13 HD wallpapers for your desktop. The inventive photograph of the Colour Splash theme is something that you will cherish for long.

6. Forza Motorsport 4 Theme

This theme is based on the popular game of Forza Motorsport 4. Any automotive fan will instantly fall in love with this theme. The wallpapers of the theme cover the both interior and exterior of all the precious cars. Cars like Mercedes, Jaguar and Ferrari have made their way to decorate this theme. The Forza Motorsport 4 Theme is met by the gray colour of the Windows. This theme consists of high-resolution pictures of 17 wallpapers. You will never run out of the beauty of the cars when you have Forza Motorsport 4 Theme.

7. Twilight and Starlight Panoramic Theme

Twilight and Starlight Panoramic Theme merges a different kind of themes into one and perhaps this is the reason that it is present in our list of best windows 10 skin packs. The theme will support dual monitors beautifully by showing the complete wallpaper in both the monitor. There is a wide variety in the wallpapers, it starts from the galaxy and ends at Railroad Bridge. The Windows colour will depend on the wallpaper that you have chosen.

8. Coastal Portugal Theme

The country of Portugal is beautiful and, therefore, I can guarantee you that the Coastal Portugal Theme will be beautiful too. Every nook and corner of Torres Vedras Portugal beach is packed in this theme. You should thank Paulo P. Pereira for the beautiful photographs that he has captured for this wallpaper. High-resolution wallpapers will beautify your desktop. If you want to pleasure your eye with the warmth of the sand and coolness of the water then this theme is for you. The theme consists of six wallpapers.

9. Beautiful Birds Theme

                                            Download windows 10 themes
If you are a bird lover then this theme is for you. This theme consists of 15 wallpapers where each wallpaper will present you with unique birds. Birds like flamingos and the humming bird will steal your heart. Light blue will be the colour of your Windows. The HD wallpapers will make sure that you are able to please yourself by viewing the different postures of the different birds.

10. Frozen Formation Theme

                                     Frozen formation theme for windows 10

Frozen Formation Theme will give you a collection of beautiful ice formation wallpapers. The theme consists of 12 wallpapers which consist of pictures like sun rays over ice and icebergs. The icy tone of the wallpaper is matched by the equally icy tone of the mist blue Windows. Both light wallpapers and dark wallpapers are present in the theme and, therefore, you will ever run of choices.

Final Word

Install any one of this best Collection of Windows 10 themes on your Computer and Enjoy it. Tell us which Windows 10 themes did you like the most. 
Please Don’t forget to share the post with your friends. Allow them to install their favorite themes and I am sure they will be very greatful to you for sharing later.


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