Download Latest Syphon Shield v3.1.3 (Psiphon 103 handler)

Syphon Shield v3.1.3

Introduceing New latest Psiphon v103 handler which is quite better and more efficient than Psiphon previous versions, v89, v90, v100, and v102 handler. Psiphon 103 handler also called Syphon Shield v3.1.3 Handler ui is the latest Psiphon handler that comes in a new brazilian look with some New awesome and classic interface and more alternatives not at all like the past Syphonshied101 and consumes less of your phone memory.

Syphon shield handler VPN apps has been working and saving us since Simple Android Server started misbehaving on some cheats. Though Tweakware is working fine but you have to pay to get the best from it. As of now, vpn is the most trusted and free app for all free browsing tweaking and Syphonshied is just an upgrade to default Psiphon on your device.


  • If you are not OK with the previous versions, you can utilize Synphonshied.
  • Synphonshield doesn’t occupy your memory, and also doesn’t make your phone hangs like other versions.

What’s New in Psiphon 103 handler

» Less RAM Consumption

» More new regions (countries) are added

» New Brilliant Look

» Sometimes it remain connected after receiving a call.

» Removal of Internet Speed Graph

»  Adddition of internet Speed Meter

» It stablizes most disconnecting IP

» Fast browsing experience

» It supports all browsing cheats including MTN BBLITED, blast, music plus, and Etisalat socialme

» Connects fast

How to Install Syphon Shield v3.1.3

1. Download the apk file from the link below

2.Install the apk

3. Launch it and Start flexing the New Psiphon Handler

Psiphon 103 handler


  • Download Syphon Shield v3.1.3.apk / Psiphon 103 handler.apk Here

Older Version

  • Download Syphon Shield v102.apk / Psiphon v102 handler.apk Here

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