Download Latest Simple Android Server V4 Rocks Like Thunder


This app contains a Proxy Server and a Free VPN. The New version of SimpleAndroidServer is now available and it has Free VPN services and Premium VPN service. So we can now enjoy free VPN service without paying anything. Now we have two choice weather to pay or not and it comes with lots of features, proxy servers with free VPN; among which are the once listed below:

New Features of Simple Android Server V4

=> VPN Is now free to use

=> Added Auto-start for Local server for premium users

=> If VPN becomes too slow over time, restart the VPN connection.

=> Added Front Query and Back Query feature

=> Fixed Sending of Configuration. Added Load Configuration Feature, Bug fixes.

=> Add host replacement feature

Here are some features that make the difference between Free VPN and Premium VPN

For Premium VPN

=> No ads for the duration of your subscription

=> Stop hourly disconnect of the VPN

=> Auto start on boot for local server

=> Up to 10 concurrent connections for VPN

For Free VPN

=> Plenty of ads available

=> Limited concurrent connections for VPN

Where Can I Download it?

Download it from playstore here
Download the lastest Simple Android Sever Now Netloop HERE


To fully maximize these new features on simple android servers, a fresh install is advisable. Delete the old one, and install this latest version.
Settings still remain the same…

If you have any question regarding this, kindly use the comment box and it will be attended to.


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