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Pronet v10.10 apk
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Pronet VPN handler is a new Latest modded Psiphon with a new style just like Netify. After testing, I finally add it to our VPN software list. The configuring is just like that of Psiphon handler or Syponshield Handler.

Gone are the days we only have simple server for tweaking and unleashing free Intern. But now have more than enough of VPN to choose from i fink we actually have more than 14 different VPNs presently for free browsing tweaking tools and even more to come because we now have lots of developers create new, different free browsing tweaking tools every single day. Pronet was modded by another great modeler called EFREM JONH. To join the existing one which include OpenVPN, Psiphon, Proxydroid, SyphonShield, Netify ,Tweakware, Slow DNS, Freedom etc..and now this has been added to the fold.

Credit goes to EFREM JONH another great modder just like Our well-known programmer Odiseo onze, EFREM JONH who have remolded Psiphon app to bring out this Pronet Vpn.apk and make it simpler and faster when connecting. And I have been testing this great app with different free browsing cheats available now, and they all work fine.

The handler settings are similar to that of Psiphon, so the configuring is easy and simple if you are already used to Psiphon. this app works with all available free browsing tweaking including MTN 0.00 cheat, Etisalat 0.00 cheat, Etisalat smart pack, MTN BIS on Android, MTN MusicPlus, and any other free browsing cheats.

MTN 0.00 KOBO UNLIMITED FREE BROWSING is still active and working very fine on Android phones and IOS devices and on PC. downloading and streaming of videos with the latest unlimited free browsing tweak of the year which is the Mtn 0.00k cheat. This tweak is among the easiest and sweetest unlimited free browsing we have come across because you don’t need to load any money on your Sim, yet you brows, download and stream videos unlimited as you like as long as your phone is plugged in power or has enough battery. This cheat has really helped lot of people update their Phones both os and applications, laptops, download lots of HD games with killer and Heave GB.

Now Is time to rock the new vpn with MTN 0.0kobo unlimited free browsing.
  I am currently using This is Vpn with MTN 0.0kobo unlimited free browsing tweak and is blazing smoothly so If you are still finding it difficult to use any free browsing tweak at the moment, just give this one a try and You might not regret you did.


Download Pronet Vpn.Apk Here.


==> Completely redesigned with new interface (the layout) graphics

==> The default handler settings with new user interface

PRONET VPN Configuration for MTN 0.00 Free Browsing CHEAT

» Download and install

» Launch the app

» Click Save and it will transfer you to homepage

» Select your preferred country. Remember USA and Netherlands are the most reliable and fast to connect.

» Tap  Options

» Tick “Connect through an HTTP Proxy.”

» Also, use tick “Use the following Settings.”

» Type this Host Address:

» Port: 8080

» Now Go back and connect, swipe to the right hands side.

» Make sure you click whole tunnel device for the first time


Configuration Screen KB GUIDE

Settings For Pronet VPN

Image of Pronet VPN settings

*If you have any question regarding this, kindly use the comment box and it will be attended to. don’t forget to share…



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