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We have brought to you the latest iRoot apk file. Now install the latest iRoot app on your mobile directly. If you are looking for an easy way to root your Android smartphone or tablet, then using iRoot Android application is the best choice right now. The iroot.apk or iRoot Android application is developed by the same team who have previously released the iRoot windows application, which is being used by a lot of people to root their Android devices.

iRoot app is for those who wants to root their device in a very easy manner, the app is so easy to use that a 10 year boy can understand how to use it though they don’t know what is rooting or unrooting but still they can. The user interface of this app is friendly you can easily pick up the settings as you want. We all know that what rooting meant for all of us.

All iRoot Apk
Rooting a device has it’s own benefits, but for a permanent root access you don’t need to install any rooting directory by a custom recovery any long, no you can get the root access by just installing this app named iRoot. iRoot Android application offers the simplest way to root your Android device i.e., it will let you root your smartphone or tablet just by a tap on your smartphone screen. Here, we have provided all versions of iroot Android app (iroot.apk) which has been released till now.

Cons of Rooting (Dis-advantages)

Why shouldn’t you root your Android

Bricking: This is the most dreaded word of the rooting world. When you brick your device, it simply means your Android device is now a very fancy and very unusable brick. Unless you are a very good software engineer or have a family member working in manufacturing company of mobiles, you will have to flush up some money. Your phone will have to pay a visit to the service center and you will have to make do 2-3 weeks without it, additionally, if they found out that you were rooting your phone, they might as well ask for a penalty fee.

You end up voiding Phone’s Warranty: The moment you root your phone, you void your phone’s warranty, so if anything happens to the phone, the company will charge you even if it was in the first month of its Warranty Period. In some cases, you can un-root but in most cases there is no going back.

Ad Blocking: Yes, you read it right, while it can also be considered as an advantage but in the long run this might turn out to be a huge disadvantage. The revenue generated because of pop-up ads gets used by developers to further develop the app and upgrade it.

Security Risks: If you install any malicious software on your Android device it increases the security risk.So root is disabled by default.

In order to install iRoot apk on your device you have to follow this guide. Since iRoot is rated excellent by it’s users you can trust on this app. The app allows you to root your device very easily and give you the full control of your device.
With the power of root you can do a lot more things like you can remove bloatware, for your kind information bloatware are those app or software which are permanently installed by the manufacturer and may be unwanted by the users these apps can only be removed if you have root access.

If you want to install iRoot apk on your device you must follow this guide with perfection.Before going any further we would like to introduce some information based on rooting below.

iRoot Android App (iroot.apk) Features:

  1. Easy Rooting: iRoot Android application lets you to root your Android device by a tap on your smartphone or tablet screen. This is by far the easiest way to root your device.
  2. App Recommendations: Once you finish rooting your Android device with iRoot, it offers app recommendations. All these recommended apps if used will improve the performance of your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Internet Connection Required: Unlike Kingroot or Framaroot, iRoot requires internet connection to root your Android device. So, after installing the iroot.apk in your device, you will need to enable internet connection before using it for rooting your device.
  4. No Data Loss: If you are using iRoot android application for rooting your smartphone or tablet, you won’t have to worry about the loss of data because the rooting procedure involving iRoot.apk isn’t a data loss process.
  5. Highest success rate : The advanced android root engine and secure android root technique make the success rate more than 90%.
  6. Supports almost all devices : Now more than 150,000 devices from Android OS are supported by iRoot. This number is still growing.
  7. Easiest android root app : You will be master of your android phone with just one click to root or unroot your android phone.

How to root your device?

  1. Install iRoot Apk
  2. Open it
  3. Click Root
  4. Done, enjoy your rooted device!!

Download & Links

iRoot v3.2.4 APK (8.8 MB)
iRoot for windows (30.9 MB) / Mirror


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