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Introducesing.. Queencee VPN another great developed vpn for Tweaking and Free browsing,

Queencee vpn apk

Remember I keep on repeating here that, there are still lot more of free browsing tools to come, it will come to a stage when we will be so confused to pick one of this VPNs as a favourite. because we now have lots of developers realizing new, different free browsing tweaking tools every day, and here is another beautiful one call Queencee vpn.

Gone are the days we only have the simple server for tweaking and unleashing free Internet. But now have more than enough of VPN apk to choose from I fink we have more than 16 different VPNs presently which include OpenVPN, SyphonShield, NetifyPsiphon app, Tweakware, TweakfareHttp Injector, Slow DNS, Jwp, Freedom, Simple server,  pronet etc and now this new Queencee vpn apk for Android.

Queencee Vpn.Apk is just another big VPN handler app like tweakware & Psiphon that allows the user of Proxy to obtain free and unlimited browsing tweaks. Another interesting part is that this app power the whole app on your android with the use of proxydroid and all other tweak powering apps. Queencee vpn is owned by Queencee and moded by Daz. Queen is now currently on v6 with older versions ranging from v5, v4, v3, v2 and v1.

Glad to let you know that the new cracked Queencee.apk works with the current Glo 0.0k browsing. There is no that real big difference in appearance in terms of the settings interface when compared with the normal Psiphon app.

But TWEAKS are more stable and faster with queencee. Before jumping to the free browsing settings for both Glo 0.0 and Etisalat 0.0 kobo. Let drop the download link first.

Where can I Download this app? 

  • Queencee vpn v6. Download link : Here 
  • Queencee vpn v5  Download link : Here
  • Queencee vpn v4  Download link : Here
  • Queencee vpn v3  Download link : Here
  • Queencee vpn v6  Download link : Here 
  • Queencee vpn v7  Download link : Here 
  • Queencee vpn v8  Download link : Here
  • Queencee vpn v9  Download link : Here
Note: Glo works perfectly in QueenCee VPN App.. With the same settings as used in the Psiphon App.. Thanks

Queencee VPN Free Browsing Configuration

This Glo 0.00 kobo free browsing has been around now for about 4 month back and Sqtill currently blazing which make I the most long-lasted free browsing cheat for year 2016.

But the problem we are all facing with this tweak is that it frequently disconnect on Psiphon and other VPN especially after using more than 10mb.  The only reason I am dropping this settings is the there has been some Testimonies that the Glo 0.0 and Etisalat free browsing are more stable with queencee vpn. So let’s get straight to the settings. 


  1. First of all, sms PAYU to 127. 
  2. You will receive a reply that you are using data as Pay As U Go to browse. 
  3. Just Skip this if you have previously sent the text.

»  A Glo sim with 0.00 balance and no
active data

»  Strong 3G network on your Glo sim.

»  Your Android phone

»  The VPN app; Download Queencee VPN apk android app here


Just change only APN to any of the APN below;

» glosecure

» glounlimitedzone

» gloflat

Settings on main apk application

  1. Launch your QueenCee VPN and set it as follows;
  2. Front Query:
  3. Back Query:
  4. Proxy Server Type: Real Host
  5. Proxy Server:
  6. Real Proxy Server Type: default
  7. Port: 8080
  8. Tap the Save button
  9. Immediately you click save, a pop up message will appear requesting to use Tunnel whole device.
  10. Just tap on the option to Tunnel Whole Device.
  11. To go to More Options, you will need swipe from left to right on the Main page.
  12. There you will find VPN Settings and VPN Options.
  13. Tap on VPN Options and untick Connect Through An HTTP.
  14. In Region, select United States or Netherlands. Also feel free to try others 
  15. Go back now to the main page of the QueenCee VPN and 
  16. Tap the Start button, wait for few seconds for it to Connect.
  17. Then, after its connected, start browsing.

Second settings that also works

  1. Tick Remove Port
  2. Proxy Type: Real host
  3. Proxy Server:
  4. Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP
  5. Real Proxy Port: 80
  6. Tap the Save button
  7. Leave all Other Settings as the same with the above.
  8. After Setting it up, go back now to the main page of the QueenCee VPN
  9. Tap the Start button, wait for few seconds for it to Connect.
  10. Then, after your queencee is connected, start browsing.


Queencee VPN can also be used with the etisalat 0.00 free browsing and it’s working perfectly at the moment though it’s capped at 60mb


  • Etisalat sim with 0.00 balance and no data
  • Strong 3G network
  • Your Android phone
  • Queencee Vpn


» APN: etisalat

» Username and password, leave them empty


  1. Proxy Server Type: Real Host
  2. Proxy Server:
  3. etisalat_ng#openModal
  4. Real Proxy Server Type: Inject
  5. Real Proxy Server:
  6. Port: 8080
  7. Tap on Save button.


after exhausting the 60MB data allocated to that proxy server in the above settings, your browsing will STOP, don’t panic all you have to do is

Just replace the above proxy server with any of the server below;
  • Proxy server:
  • Proxy server:
  • Proxy server:

Immediately you click save, a pop upmessage will appear requesting to use Tunnel whole device. 

Tap on the option to Tunnel Whole Device.
To go to More Options, kindly swipe from left to right on the Main page. 
You will see VPN Settings and VPN Options. 
Tap on VPN Options and untick Connect Through An HTTP.

In Region, select United States or Netherlands. Also feel free to try others.

Go back now to the main page of the QueenCee VPN and tap the Start button, wait for few seconds for it to Connect.

Then, after its connected, start browsing.

Note: You will have to wait a little before it will connects.

Queencee settings for Airtel Users in Indian

I came across this setting and I decided to include it here. So if you are an Indian reading this post please feel free to test and shear you Experience. 

Trick Requirements :
An Airtel Sim ( UNBLOCKED )Low Balance ( You can also keep Rs.0 )An Android Mobile ( Any )Any One VPN Application From Below Link


Use Default APN ( ) , To Create Goto Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Enter Apn > Done


Open Any one VPN App You Download Above & Follow These Simple Steps:

Tick Mark ( CHECK ) on Remove Port OptionProxy Type – ” Real Host “Proxy Server – ( Choose & Put Any From Below )


Real Proxy Type – DefaultReal Proxy Server (PUT ANY From Below)

( You Can Find Out More Proxies From Proxy Sites )

Real Proxy Port – Keep 80 Or 8080Click on ” Save ” & Connect Your VPN From The Server


Firstly, Open any One of the VPN APP You Downloaded Above & Follow These Settings :Add Port To Non Port URL : 1080Remove Port : Tick Mark Yes ( CHECK )Proxy Type : HostCustom Header : X-Online-HostProxy Server ( Choose One From below )


Real Proxy Type : Default /Inject/Socks [KEEP ANY]Real Proxy Server: OR 127.8.81Click on ” Save ” & Connect Your VPN To The ServerAfter Getting Connected You Can Get Free Internet On Your Mobile

Click On ” Save ” & wait QueenCee VPN To connect To The


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