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Dcoder – mobile IDE for programmers

Programming is becoming more popular, and this industry can be considered the basis of the future. Therefore, it is increasingly possible to meet people who decided to do programming. And for such readers, we have prepared a review of the Decoder application.

This application supports more than 30 programming languages, has a convenient interface. The main window is a text editor with the ability to select a programming language using the drop-down list. Here you can also save the code in the device memory.

Right click on the menu to select a partition with tasks. In this section, the user must perform various tasks, and it does not matter in what language they will be implemented. The main thing is the result.

The menu also has a section that allows you to develop a full-fledged web page with JavaScript support. The application has a compile-time limit of 10 seconds, but for beginners, it will be enough.

If you want to start learning one of the languages, we recommend you look at Golang, this language was developed by Google and is currently one of the fastest growing programming languages. By the way, Go is supported by Decoder, and on the Golang website, you can find basic courses in this language.

Application: Dcoder, Mobile Compiler IDE
Developer: Paprbit Technologies
Category: Education
Version: 1.6.12
Price: Free
Download: Google Play
The application was already interested: 1000 people



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