Cost Comparison of each components – Samsung Galaxy S9+, Samsung Galaxy 8+, Apple iPhone 8+, Apple iPhone X

Analysts of TechInsights disassemble every outgoing flagship of major brands, but not to evaluate its maintainability, like iFixit, but to find out how much it costs everything from what it is made of. Yesterday they published the results of the survey Samsung Galaxy S9 +. It turned out that Samsung spends $ 379 on its production, much more than it spent on creating the Galaxy S8 ($ 343), but still slightly less than Apple spends on the iPhone X ($ 389.5). 

Cost Comparison – Samsung Galaxy S9+, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy 8+, Apple iPhone 8+, Apple iPhone X

Most of all, in the new model, the cameras have risen in price ($ 48 instead of $ 32 – not surprisingly, Samsung added a second rear camera and realized a hardware change in the aperture), RAM ($ 39 instead of $ 18), communication modules ($ 23.5 instead of $ 18.5) and backing ($ 19 , 5 instead of $ 13.5).

Some components have fallen in price, for example, the remaining screen ($ 72.5 instead of $ 77.5), chipset ($ 68 instead of $ 88) and permanent memory ($ 12 instead of $ 22). Compared to the iPhone X, the Koreans were able to save significantly on the screen ($ 72.5 vs. $ 77), non-electronic components ($ 29 vs. $ 46), audio and power management chips ($ 8.5 vs. $ 14.5) and final assembly ($ 12.5 vs. $ 17 ). The full table of the components’ values ​​is given below.

Note that the twofold difference between the cost of production and the market price does not mean that Samsung earns so much on each smartphone: device development, logistics, marketing, too, are worth a lot.
Samsung Galaxy S9+

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