Consumer Reports: Samsung S8, S8 + and Note 8 are better than the iPhone X


The authoritative edition of Consumer Reports, specializing in independent consumer appraisal for consumer protection, expressed its opinion about the iPhone X, which went on sale just over a month ago. Like many others, the experts appreciated the quality of the display, design and innovative Face ID recognition technology. However, the rating of the iPhone X was lower than that of the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 + and Note 8, which makes them the best choice (according to Consumer Reports). The main factor in favor of this solution was not the most impressive performance of the iPhone X.

The authors of the study understand that many do not want to switch to Android, and therefore the main issue is the justification for spending an additional few hundred dollars to buy the iPhone X instead of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (or even the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, where the savings are even greater), each of which is more resistant to falls and eliminates the need to get used to the new control scheme without the “Home” button. Either way, the choice remains with the user and his priorities.

Samsung S8+ VS iPhone X


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