Complete Step -Step Guide to Hard Reset Blackberry Leap, Z10, Z30, Q10 and Z3


 Complete Step -Step Guide on How to Hard Reset Blackberry Leap, Z10, Z30, Q10 and Z3

Sometime people find it so difficult to Hard Reset their Bb smartphone,I have put this article together to work you through on how to do it yourself. You don’t need blackberry experts and engineers, who will even charged you more money on What you can do yourself. if you have the mind Yes I CAN DO IT.then your are ready to go and i can’t assure you, you will not mess up your device.just be cam and follow the intrusion.

The Two simple Technique you can use to hard reset your blackberry Z10, Z30, Z3, Q10 and Leap.


Technique 1

Press and hold the Power or Lock key for 10 seconds. that should promptly reset your device.if you are using the listed above.

Technique 2

  • Just swipe down your blackberry from the top screen

  • Now at that point tap on Settings.

  • Presently, find Security and Privacy ==> Security Wipe.

  • You would see a dark field, basically information “Blackberry”

  • After that, tap on Delete information, and the resetting procedure would start instantly.

  • Boom and that is it!!! You have just successfully hard reset your Blackberry.

Please note this works for Z10, Z30, Q10 Z3,and jump.


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