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Ceramic Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is presented in Moscow: it is good!

The other day in Moscow, Xiaomi held a presentation of the flagship smartphone Mi Mix 2, which was timed to the release of the model on the African and Russian market. The site already has a preliminary overview of the device , in this same material I propose to see how the company presents itself.

At the event, which was mostly done by the product and marketing director of Xiaomi Global, Donovan San, there was a lot of talk about the product and there were many comparisons with competitors, not just with the likes of Apple and Samsung. The company really enjoyed comparing Mi Mix 2 with Apple iPhone 8 Plus, because the Chinese product is 7% smaller, 4% shorter and 9% lighter, while the 8 Plus screen has 5.5 “and Mi Mix 2 has 5.99 “. Of course, the company could not fail to point out the top frame of Samsung Galaxy S8 + and Apple iPhone X. 

At this point, Donovan Sun talked about how much work was done in the company to reduce the upper frame of Mi Mix 2, because according to the company’s top part of the screen is concentrated all important information for the user. However, in comparison with the first Mi Mix the frame has become larger.

Do not forget in Xiaomi and kick the iPhone X over the islet, showing how much useful space it eats on the screen. True, forgot to pay attention to the fact that the “tens” in the lower part there are no indents, in contrast to Mi Mix 2, where the bottom is a specific thick monobrow. And in Xiaomi for some reason did not take into account the different aspect ratio. Anyway. The product from Xiaomi turned out to be the best, according to the number of supported frequencies – 43, against 33 and 38 from competitors. And the following table was shown:

As you can see, the company likes to compare itself with Apple and Samsung, trying to find “flaws” of competitors or simply slightly distorting the data and feeding them at the right angle. Someone likes this approach of the Chinese manufacturer, some do not, but for Xiaomi the main result. And he is! The company and products are said, but with sarcasm or not, this is not so important, the main thing is to get a big coverage. At the event, I first saw live Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. And I liked the product! He was pleasantly surprised, even though the Mi Mix “wah-effect” is not the same as the first one. The display is good, there are frames, but they are not large, and the company itself calls Mi Mix 2 full-screen smartphone, not mentioning framelessness (this is correct). The metal frame and the ceramic back panel make the device pleasantly tactile, although slightly slippery and mark. It’s nice that the company abandoned the piezoceramic dynamics, as in the first model, and installed a conventional speaker, adding it with an ultrasonic proximity sensor.

The camera could not be checked, but if you look at our sample photos , the impression is quite positive. There are no questions on hardware stuffing: the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, Adreno 540 graphics, 6 GB of RAM, 64 GB of permanent memory (128 and 256 GB versions from China), full-featured NFC. Cumulatively, the product leaves a pleasant impression, A detailed review will be released very soon!



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