Buyers cancel pre-orders because of problems with Google Pixel 2 display

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL went on sale the other day, and already found themselves in the center of the scandal. The fact is that some current owners of Pixel 2 XL complain about the mediocre quality of the display (some of them call it disgusting). In particular, the viewing angles and color saturation deserved the unflattering judgments (the Pixel 2 XL display is very dim, even with an active high brightness mode), some note the graininess of the image when scrolling, but this only appears in some scenarios and is not always noticeable.

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Learning about these features of the screen of new products, users began to actively discuss the possibility of canceling the pre-order, some of them set up resolutely. So, they point out the inadmissibility of such a quality display for a smartphone for such a price.

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