Boway made a smartphone with the cutout on iPhone X and called it “Neckline”


The design of the iPhone X with its logo cut caused a lot of controversy, but the reaction of Chinese manufacturers was the same and predictable: it must be copied.
Devices from small manufacturers began to appear almost immediately, and the main problem with their creation was the small availability of screens with cutouts. 

However, the Chinese display manufacturer BOE has fixed the situation, and now almost any company can afford to release such a device. One of the first who announced a smartphone with a “cut off” BOE display was the little-known Chinese company Boway. It in many respects repeated the design of the iPhone X, but did not abandon the fingerprint scanner on the rear panel and a small indent with the logo below. 
The novelty was called Boway Notch (notch translated from English as “cut-out”).


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