Bluboo D1 – a clone of Huawei Mate 9 with four cameras up to 21 megapixels?


The company Bluboo said that it is developing a smartphone D1, equipped with four cameras at once: dual rear and dual front. The rear camera consists of two modules with a resolution of 21 megapixels, one of which is color, and the other is monochrome. This bundle allows you to capture four times more light, which will allow it to shoot better in poor light conditions (this technology is used in smartphones QiKU / 360, Huawei / Honor, Cool). Bluboo also promises to approach lossless and record video 4K. Wide-angle front camera will consist of two 16-Mp modules, and the additional one will be used only for blurring the background. Thus, the total resolution of the cameras will be a record for the smartphone market of 74 megapixels. Note that Bluboo is not sure if the information it distributes is correct.

Bluboo D1


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