Bitcoin fell by 6% has Trump signed the law against confidentiality


Last week, Edward Snowden said that the US National Security Agency from 2013 collects data from Bitcoin owners. Among them – passwords to wallets and accounts in social networks, as well as data on transactions. Now, over the anonymity of cryptocurrency, a new threat looms – Donald Trump signed a law against Cloud privacy. Against the background of news, Bitcoin fell by 6%, writes FXStreet.

Crypto-currencies under threat

The new law will simplify the exchange of user data with foreign law enforcement agencies. Cloud will avoid long diplomatic procedures to agree on such actions. The initiative was expressed by large technology corporations – Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. Their leadership believes that the measure will increase the safety of users.

Against the Cloud, crypto currency entrepreneur Andreas Antonopoulos made a speech. In his tweet, he said that in the future only cybercriminals would be able to keep their personal data. He noted that the new law jeopardizes the existence of crypto-currencies, the main principle of which is confidentiality.

Under the potential ban fall anonymous crypto-currencies Monero and ZCash, notes the publication. While their developers did not comment on the legislative changes.

But the law reacted Bitcoin – the cost of the first crypto currency in the evening of March 26 fell from $ 8,600 to $ 8,180. The analysts believe that if the coin rate starts to increase in the near future, it will face a resistance level at $ 8,500.


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