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Apple will say Goodbye to Top Notch in the Screen in 2019

Last September, Apple presented the iPhone X with a so-called ‘top notch’ in the screen, a recess for the loudspeaker, sensors and front camera. According to sources, Apple will say goodbye to this top notch in 2019.

The so-called top notch in the Apple iPhone X is just a temporary feature, reports the Korean ET News based on sources around Apple. The three iPhone models that Apple is going to present in September this year will all have a cutout (top notch) in the display for the camra, sensors and loudspeaker.

From 2019 Apple will say goodbye to the top notch again, according to ET News. This is mainly motivated because the top notch is already massively copied and used by Chinese smartphone manufacturers. Last week, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was full of smartphone introductions that included a top notch. This makes the top notch no longer a unique design feature.

Apple pointed out during the introduction of the iPhone X in September 2017 that the ultimate goal of Apple is to have an iPhone completely out of a display. This currently presents challenges, because that means that all hardware, such as the front camera, sensors and loudspeaker, has to be processed in the screen.



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