Apple will get rid of Qualcomm with the help of Intel’s 5G technologies


Apple and Qualcomm are confronting the issue of patents. The manufacturer of mobile “hardware” even demands to prohibit the sale of iPhone and iPad to the US and China, arguing that using their communication modules without paying the corresponding deductions. Apple countered this by saying that these technologies are basic, and therefore such that they do not require additional payment. While mutual understanding between the two major players of the market has not been reached, the web reported that Apple is working closely with Qualcomm’s competitors over 5G modems to completely abandon the services of the latter. It’s about Intel, which is already fulfilling part of the company’s orders from Cupertino for communication modules.

Apple will partner with intel for 5g

According to the source, the development is at an early stage, and the main task is to create a 5G modem that will meet the needs of future iPhones in terms of compatibility with all operators. The planned release dates are 2019-2020. Apple and Qualcomm did not comment on this information, but Intel stressed that it is working to revise its plans to increase the intensity of the implementation of 5G, although it can not talk about its relations with partners. All this can spur Qualcomm to act: either to soften its position regarding Apple, or to the concessions of Broadcom in its attempts to merge . We will follow the development of events.


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