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Apple sued for deliberately slowing the old iPhone

After the recognition of Apple in the deliberate slowdown of the old iPhone, the company filed a class action lawsuit. The court filed Stefan Bogdanovich (Stefan Bogdanovich) from Los Angeles accusing Apple of causing users to earlier models than the iPhone 8, moral and material damage. 

According to Bogdanovich, Apple’s decision to slow down the iPhone for the sake of extending battery life has never been claimed by users and they did not agree to it, in addition, this decision has reduced the value of these smartphones. In addition, he is confident that this is just a marketing ploy to force buy new iPhones. Bogdanovich requires Apple to disable this function and compensate for the damage.

Apple sued for old iPhone slow down

Recall a couple of weeks ago, the scandal associated with the reduced performance of the “old” iPhone running iOS 11 was warmed up a couple of weeks ago. And a couple of days ago, Apple confirmed this phenomenon, though insisting it was “a feature, not a bug.” As explained by the representative of Apple, lithium-ion batteries are being unable to provide the required peak current in cold conditions, at low charge, and also with aging with time, which can lead to unexpected switching off of devices to protect electronic components.

As a result, last year the company launched a function on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE, smoothing one-time bursts when it is required to protect the device from sudden shutdown in such conditions. Not so long ago, this feature appeared on the iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2 and plans to add it for other projects in the future.



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