Apple puts the focus on the 6.46 inch AMOLED iPhone 2018


A new report in the hands of the Korean newspaper The Bell shows that this year Apple is focusing on large iPhone’s and in particular the 6.46 inch AMOLED iPhone X Plus. The iPhone batch of 2018 will each consist of compact devices with a large screen.

iPhone X 2018
The Bell sources believe that Apple is focusing on the biggest 6.46 inch iPhone X Plus this year. This year we are going to see the successors of the iPhone X in the form of a 5.8 inch AMOLED iPhone and a 6.46 inch AMOLED iPhone. In addition, the American brand also launches a medium size iPhone with 6.04 inch LCD screen. The message from The Bell shows that Apple expects to sell most iPhones from the largest model.

Focus 2018 iPhone on 6.46 inch AMOLED model

In 2018 the focus for Apple is on the largest iPhone within the iPhone 2018 line. The number two smartphone manufacturer in the world will launch three models this year. Two premium iPhone flagships with 5.85 inches and 6.46 inch AMOLED display. In addition, we are going to see a cheaper iPhone with a 6.04-inch screen. Unlike the iPhone 8, we expect that all models in 2018 are equipped with a fullscreen design presumably with notch such as the iPhone X. According to sources from the display industry, Apple expects to sell 45 million of the 6.46-inch flagships, which is 1.8 times more than the base AMOLED iPhone and 1.5 times more than the LCD model. The emphasis is clearly on the largest screen this year. Apple expects to sell approximately 25 million iPhones with the 5.84-inch display. The manufacturer expects to sell 30 million of the LCD flagship.

Expected specifications for the iPhone 2018

Slowly more and more is known about the upcoming iPhones. We are already quite sure that we will see three models in September 2018. Two models will appear as an upgrade of the iPhone X with AMOLED display. In addition, a cheaper model is launched with the LCD screen. The design of this trio will look a lot like the iPhone X. Inside of course improved A12 processor roars and we expect that this processor will also be much faster this year than the premium Android processors. Not much is known about the cameras. There are rumors about three cameras but the same distribution as with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is more likely.

Somewhere in the first half of September, Apple launches the iPhone 2018 models. Many leaks will follow in the coming months. We will keep you informed


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