Apple lowers the cost of replacing the battery and adds an indicator of its status


Apple suddenly found itself in the center of the scandal associated with the performance of the iPhone. The fact is that users found a performance drawdown (benchmark tests, speed of opening applications, etc.) in instances with a worn out battery, whereas after the replacement everything came back to normal. Then Apple confirmed that it controls these processes on the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6S (their Plus versions) and the iPhone SE after upgrading to iOS 10.2.1, and the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – with iOS 11.2.

Well, today the company from Cupertino released an official appeal to its fans, where she again explained in her motives (incorrect voltage of the worn out battery leads to unexpected reboots, and Apple “can not allow you to miss an important call or missed the opportunity to take a picture”).

USA In particular, at the end of January 2018 in the United States, the price of battery replacement will drop from $ 79 to $ 29 (distribution to other markets will run until December 2018), and at the beginning of next year a software update will come that will allow monitoring the battery condition and its effect on the performance of devices.

Apple battery


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